The Elder Scrolls 6 is now in ‘early development,’ Bethesda confirms

But don’t expect to hear anything more soon.

The Elder Scrolls Online: An elf, warrior, and archer.

Given the current hype surrounding Starfield, you’re never too far away from a discussion of all things related to Bethesda, including The Elder Scrolls 6. We all know that it’s likely years until the Skyrim follow-up sees the light of day, but at what stage of development is it currently at?

According to an interview on the Spanish website Vandal with Bethesda’s head of publishing Pete Hines, the studio has actually started work on TES6 proper. Right at the very end, when asked about whether the upcoming RPG was still in the concept phase, Hines confirms that development on the game is underway.

However, there’s always a proviso. He goes on to say that it’s in “early development” (according to translation by GameSpot) which pretty much confirms what many of us suspected anyway.

Probably won’t hear much else for a long while

A little further up in the interview, Hines makes it clear that while there have been people working on TES6, the focus for Bethesda right now has been Starfield. As such, it’s possible that resources may shift to the long-awaited Elder Scrolls game once the latter is out, though that’s pure speculation on our part.

It’s nice to know that development has begun, even if it’s still in the early stages. However, there’s a good chance we won’t hear much about it for a while. But then, we have sort of grown accustomed to that by now.

It’s been five years since the studio announced The Elder Scrolls 6, originally showing the above teaser footage at E3 2018. We’ve heard pretty much nothing since, but hopefully things will move a little quicker soon after Starfield‘s launch.

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