The Doom Eternal next-gen upgrade is out today, here’s what it does on PS5 and Series X

Doom Eternal next-gen upgrade

Three modes of play, all minimum 60 FPS

[Update: So Bethesda has provided trailers of the game running on Xbox Series X and PS5, as well as highlights from “Update 6,” which was released with the upgrades. The gist of the latter is that Doom Eternal now has a new Master Level (Taras Nabad), as well as a new battlemode arena (Corrosion). Bethesda also notes that the battlemode has been improved with new tweaks like bug fixes, balance changes, and “multiple bandwidth optimizations.” It’s a good day for Doom.]

Bethesda has been saying that Doom Eternal will be getting a next-gen upgrade for a while, but now the time has finally come. That very upgrade is out today on Xbox Series X/S and PS5, as well as by way of a ray-tracing enabled update on PC. Here’s the full rundown of the Doom Eternal next-gen upgrade, system by system:

Xbox Series X
  • Performance Mode: 1800p – 120 FPS
  • Balanced Mode: 2160p – 60 FPS
  • Ray Tracing Mode: 1800p – 60 FPS
Xbox Series S
  • Performance Mode: 1080p – 120 FPS
  • Balanced Mode: 1440p – 60 FPS
  • Ray Tracing Mode: Not Available
PlayStation 5
  • Performance Mode: 1584p – 120 FPS
  • Balanced Mode: 2160p – 60 FPS
  • Ray Tracing Mode: 1800p – 60 FPS

Oh yeah, I love seeing 60FPS as the minimum, here: it’s a nice break from the last generation! And again, the ray-tracing upgrade on PC is also out today.

As a reminder, the upgrade is free on all platforms, and on Xbox you’ll get it automatically as part of Smart Delivery. On PS5, you’ll just need to search and find the separate PS5 version and download that. Physical copies are part of the upgrade process too, and Bethesda says there is “no limit” on this upgrade opp, so you don’t need to rush to redeem it. All DLC will transfer too if you’re signed into the same account that made the DLC purchase.

One more reminder: Doom Eternal is on Game Pass, too!

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