The Division’s Underground and Survival expansions describe the current state of the game

Two expansions plus three free costumes

Ubisoft is still committed to making The Division happen. “It’s a cool, cool-ass game,” Aisha Tyler explains.

In the upcoming expansion, “Underground,” “you and your team will be fighting against a dangerous threats underneath the streets of New York city.” It’s, “just one of the updates we’ll be releasing this year,” on June 28 on Xbox One and PC; August 2 on PS4. Yes, The Division is going Underground; I don’t think that’s meant to refer to the game’s seemingly waning popularity.

There are also three in-game outfits celebrating Ghost Recon, Rainbow Six, and Splinter Cell that will be free for Ubisoft Club members to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the company.

“Very soon” Ubisoft will also offer, “a completely new way of playing the game.” In “Survival,” a huge blizzard turns The Division‘s New York into an even less hospitable environment, with even more limited supplies. “Survival,” too, feels like an accidental reference to the game’s goals.

Steven Hansen