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The DioField Chronicle is getting a free update with new story and more

Reopening the Chronicle

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Last year’s The DioField Chronicle was an interesting look at the tactics genre, and now in 2023, there’s more of it in store. The DioField Chronicle is getting a free update in less than a week, adding more features and content to the Chronicle.

The new update for The DioField Chronicle arrives on March 5 at 7 a.m. PT / 10 a.m. ET. It is free for all owners of The DioField Chronicle, so no need to purchase a separate piece of DLC either.

This update includes a new story scenario, dubbed “Waltaquin’s Story.” For those who have already played through the game, you can imagine how venturing into Waltaquin’s side might be interesting to see.

Additionally, the update is adding a Very Hard difficulty and Extra Mode difficulty, the latter for New Game+ mode. Also, a new weapon type for Magic Tomes is being added as well. Hopefully, that includes some new abilities and skills for users of Tomes.

You’ll need to reach chapter 6 to access all of this, it seems. Story reasons are one thing, but it will probably also help to be familiar with The DioField Chronicle before tackling some of its newer challenges too.

A new chapter

Of the many, many RPGs that Square Enix released last fall, The DioField Chronicle is an odd one. But there’s something about its fresh take on strategy and interesting world that’s kept it in my mind, months after rolling credits.

So yes, I’m happy to see this game getting a free update and some post-launch additions. Waltaquin’s side of the story felt like it was left hanging for future potential, and I’m curious to see where it goes, and if any of this hints at a follow-up. I’d certainly like to see The DioField Chronicle carry forward into another entry.

The free update for The DioField Chronicle arrives on March 5.

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