Who will survive in The Dark Pictures: The Devil in Me?

the devil in me dark pictures supermassive trailer

And what will be left of them?

Supermassive Games is gearing up for the launch of The Devil in Me, the fourth and final episode in the first season of its scary, (and highly enjoyable) anthology series, The Dark Pictures. Publisher Bandai Namco released a new trailer, focusing on the hapless folk treading, foolhardily, into The Curator’s world.

The Dark Pictures: The Devil in Me will tell a tale of a party of documentary makers who find themselves invited to a modern replica of the “The Murder Castle” — the opulent estate of America’s first publicized serial killer H. H. Holmes. Seeing this as the opportunity to make the ultimate true crime document, our young protagonists jump at the opportunity, unaware of the horrifying, twisted plans that lay in store…

The trailer introduces heroes Charlie, Kate, Mark, Jamie, and Erin, with quick glimpses offered of a mysterious, cloaked killer and, of course, The Curator himself. Of all The Dark Pictures titles to date, The Devil in Me looks set to be the most “slasher” based, perhaps eschewing the supernatural and/or monster-based terror of its predecessors. Horror fans will also spot numerous familiar themes and references, from a Shining-esque bar and a Tourist Trap range of animatronics, to Saw-style “death traps” and the Giallo overtones of the villain themselves.

The Devil in Me will represent the culmination of The Dark Pictures‘ first season, which has bombarded us with a frenzied party of pain and jump-scares over the past four years. Still, with a whole host of previously trademarked titles, and sales still riding relatively high, we can be sure that there are many more thrills and spills currently in the works within the gleefully grotesque minds of Supermassive Games.

The Dark Pictures: The Devil in Me launches November 18 on PlayStation, PC, and Xbox platforms.

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