The Daily Hotness: ZUCCHINI!

Iron Chef Wii will give you nightmares.

We reviewed BIT.TRIP Void, Ben checked out Army of Two: The 40th Day, go win some soccer balls, Dragon Age: Origins gets dated for the PS3, the Sega Zippos are sick, Cho Aniki Zero heading to the PSP and more ZUCCHINI happened on 10/23/09.

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Community blogs of 10/23/09
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Purple bullets and co-op kills: Army of Two: The 40th Day

Write a haiku and win some soccer balls
Contest winner is going on a BIT.TRIP!

Infinity Ward using Steamworks for Modern Warfare 2 on PC
Gearbox talks Borderlands on Wii, Claptrap side-scroller
League of Legends enters open beta
Xbox LIVE Update Preview Program invites sent
Halloween sale: Plants vs. Zombies for cheap
‘Exciting’ Dragon Age: Origins PS3 announcement coming
Hot downloadable Atlus action on PlayStation Network
Rumor: Epic Games teases something, then stops
Glutton for punishment: Prinny 2 announced
Rock Band DLC: Kinda, sorta Halloween-themed week
Nanny group thinks Dante award may promote violence
PS3 Dragon Age: Origins hits November 3 (Update)
Check out Small Worlds, a TRUE exploration game
Frozenbyte expains Trine’s US PlayStation Network delays
Microsoft’s reasoning for blocking non-MS memory units
Warren Spector on Epic Mickey’s exclusivity, Duck Tales
Meet Oghren, Dragon Age: Origins’ deadly dwarf
Monster Hunter giving Wii friend codes the chop in the US

Pixel Mario art is as adorable as it is stylish
Sega Zippos make me want to start smoking
Bayonetta does Shibuya
Ice-T thinks this Borderlands ‘sh*t is sick’


Cable is coming to Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2
See Grand Theft Auto’s hot BASE jumping action
Bottom-boob: Ikki Tousen Xross Impact for PSP has it
Dead to Rights: Retribution video reminds me: Get a dog
Armored Core 3 Portable now on PSN
Cho Aniki Zero prepares for insertion into your PSP

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