The Daily Hotness: World of Warcraft: The Movie

I still have a hard time believing that a movie based on WoW is actually coming out. And by Sam Raimi no less. I wonder if there will be some super emo scene with a troll as he dances randomly on the streets like a creep.

Chad loves Telltale, Matt reviewed Roogoo: Twisted Towers, Castle Crashers is coming to PSN, Uncharted 2 gets dated, Visceral Studios execs leave to join a new Activision studio, there are a ton of videogame comics on the way and plenty more happened on 07/22/09.

Destructoid Originals:
Otakon 09 shmup report: Hands-on with 3 hot Japanese STGs
Dear Telltale: I love you, but …


I, the Author: I, the Metanarrative
Community blogs of 07/22/09
Forum of the day: Wtf with the XBLA prices coming up?

Roogoo: Twisted Towers
Peripherally speaking: Novint Falcon
Unbound Saga
Peripherally Speaking: Able Planet PS500MM Headset

Here are your winners for the Neves Plus swag contest

San Diego Comic-Con 09:
A peek at the Comic-Con exclusive Spyborgs comic
Castle Crashers coming to PSN


Reserve Uncharted 2, get gold guns, a map, or more currency
WTF is a ‘gaming surface’?
Sam Raimi to direct World of Warcraft film
NHL 10 adds Be A GM mode
2K brings more minigame madness to Wii with Baseball Blast!
GameStop believes industry needs to focus on Hispanic market
EA Sports introduces Madden NFL Hall of Fame
Microsoft patents playable advertising with ‘Advertars’
Pachter: Modern Warfare 2’s UK price is an evil test
Visceral Studios execs defect to new Activision studio
Sony ‘considered’ second PSPgo analog nub
Rumor: Here we go again with the new Xbox for 2010 rumblings
Gearbox: Great things afoot for Colonial Marines
Dead Space: Extraction gets its own comic, too
Job advertisement smells like Too Human 2 development
Stan Lee gets all excelsior up in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2
Atlus’ MegaTen game Strange Journey is a DS title
Double Fine files countersuit in Brutal Legend legal battle
Get your own Kratos Blade of Chaos for $123.99
id’s Rage focused on consoles, could ship on three discs
Rhythm Authors to assist bands wishing to be in Rock Band
Need for Speed: NITRO hits Wii and DS this November
Ghostbusters sells tons of units in first month
ESA sues Chicago Transport Authority over game ad bans
Microsoft: We don’t undermine rival platforms
Trophy unlocked: You played this game way too much
Michael Pachter poo-poos idea of a handheld Xbox
Remedy is sure Alan Wake will hit in Spring 2010
‘The Ballad of Gay Tony’ coming on October 29
Epic defends Sony’s refusal to drop PS3 price
Project Natal E3 demos were powered by Unreal Engine 3
PS2 Sega shooter Gungrave is becoming a live action movie
Thailand planning cyber cafe curfew for kids
DC Comic publishing God of War comic book starting October
Scribble it on your calendar, Scribblenauts hits Sept. 15

FOX News pays odd homage to Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Go behind the scenes of Wolfenstein
Spectrobes trailer, featuring amazing translators
P-Force is no F-Force, but still decent
Capcom releases video and details for MvC2 Mix Tape
Iron Man 2 to feature a better story, possibly combat
More Guitar Hero 5 tracks announced, prepare for rock
Mark Hamill’s in Darksiders, new videos prove it
LittleBigPlanet celebrates over one million levels created

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