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So SEGA announced Sonic Lost World today, and, what the heck — it looks great! While I haven’t gotten around to Generations yet, we’ve all been fooled by good-looking Sonic games before (surprise: werehog!). It’s still hard for me to get my hopes up, but maybe playing Generations will help. Then again, I can’t even stand the original few Sonic games these days. I just occasionally play City Escape in Sonic Adventure 2 and it’s enough. 

Today, Hamza brought us our first look at the enticing survival-horror romp The Evil Within, as well as the less enticing new Wolfenstein (pew pew pew), we collectively answered The Question as to how Microsoft could reverse negative public opinion of the Xbox One, Jim reviewed the disappointing Fuse, Steven reviewed Dragon Fantasy Book One, Dale went hands-on with Shin Megami Tensei IV, and more!

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Community Blogs of 5/28
Forum Thread of the Day: The Evil Within, MIKAMI IS BACK YA’LL

Contest: Win a copy of Bam fu for iOS!

Review: Fuse
Review: Dragon Fantasy Book I

Hands-on with Borderlands 2’s take on Dungeons & Dragons 
Devilish delight: Shin Megami Tensei IV hands-on 
A return to true survival horror with The Evil Within
Wolfenstein: The New Order just isn’t doing it for me

Rayman Legends coming to PS Vita 
MS says gamers will buy everything, including Xbox One
Dance Central 3: Entire add-on catalog on sale now
Tecmo Koei’s E3 line-up includes playable Yaiba
Wargaming unveiling first console title at E3
Nintendo to detail Monster Hunter 4 and Ace Attorney 5
Xbox One partnership worth $3 billion for AMD
Universal Studios Japan will use guns to shoot zombies
Uematsu and Hamauzu sits down with y’all tomorrow

Episode 2 of Bravoman is about crazy ninja love
Apparently people don’t like Journey cosplay

Darkwood is my survival horror roguelike dream
Sonic Lost World trailer reminds me of Sonic X-treme
Conker’s Bad Fur Day director’s commentary is glorious
Gunpoint demo available now, releases next week
Humble Indie Bundle says you can’t spell great without 8
New releases: Fuse and abuse
Building race tracks in Disney Infinity
Take a look at Cyborg in Infinite Crisis

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