The Daily Hotness: Wombats

Yep, its true. Jim reviews Kirby Mass Attack, Portal is free through the 20th, Deus Ex has ads, there’s some Gears of War related hullabaloo, enough TGS content to hold you over for the weekend, and more on 9/16/2011.

Destructoid Original: 
The DTOID Show: Who will win ‘The Fall Haul’
This weekend on TwitchTV: Max Scoville on Also Talks
Free App of the Day: Lame Castle HD (iOS)

Friday Night Fights: ‘Tis the season!


Review: NyxQuest: Kindred Spirits (iOS)
Review: Kirby Mass Attack

Hands-on: Battlefield 3 single-player campaign

Tokyo Game Show: 
TGS: Rayman Origins on Vita looks like a PS3 game
TGS: And the “WTF, Japan!?!” Award goes to …
TGS: Hands-on with Lumines Electric Symphony
TGS: Hands-on with Rhythm Thief & the Emperor’s Treasure 
TGS: Puyo Puyo!! 20th Anniversary is good ole sticky fun
TGS: There’s going to be a Hyperdimension Neptunia sequel
TGS: Disgaea 3 making its way to the PlayStation Vita
TGS: Popping it with Pop’n Music Portable 2’s party mode
TGS: NIS bringing Disgaea to Android devices
TGS: Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker HD made me so happy
TGS: Razer Arcade Stick prototype, inside and out
TGS: Hands-on with Kingdom Hearts 3D
TGS: Avoid Labyrinth no Kanata
TGS: Uncharted: Golden Abyss is on fire
TGS: Metal Gear Solid HD Edition hands-on look
TGS: The good and the bad of MGS: Snake Eater 3DS
TGS: Bravely Default gave me goosebumps
TGS: Ni no Kuni is absolutely lovely
TGS: Square Enix music sampler reveals upcoming releases

GameCity launches new video game award
Weekend PC download deals: Tex Murphy, Paradox
Confirmed: PlayStation Vita is region free
Labor Day: Dance Dance Revolutionary
NBA Jam: Balls, nets and honey badgers
King Arthur: Fallen Champions out today, 75% off KA & DLC
Room for one more? Deadshot added to Arkham City roster
SWTOR: Combat animations and PvP answers
PlayStation Vita will get an optional external battery
Fall PlayStation Move line-up includes inFamous: FoB
Yay for learning! Portal is free until September 20th
Sony: 3DS and PS Vita aren’t competing
Cliffy B ‘upset’ by hateful 8/10 Gears of War 3 reviews
Deus Ex: Human Revolution adds Star Wars ads (Update)

Get your dance on with these new Zumba Fitness 2 screens
Luigi’s Mansion looks as good as ex-spectered (ha ha)
First screenshots and teaser for Katamari Damacy Vita
Here are some new Metro: Last Light screens
Crazy Dave starts rap career in new Plants vs Zombies vid

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