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Moving on (also, baby bats in blankets!)


With nearly five years of some of the best times of my life under my belt, I can't seem remember a time when I wasn't on this crazy Destructoid train. So this is going to be weird to type: as this month comes to a close, I will be putting my time with Destructoid behind me. I'll be passing my Editor-in-Chief hat to Dale North, who is not only a good friend of mine, but more than capable of steering this rowdy ship into the amazing new territory ahead.

So what's next for me? In just two weeks, I will be uprooting my family and life from Baltimore to Boston. On October 3, I'll step into the offices of Harmonix in Cambridge, MA where I've accepted a publicist position.

While this is new and exciting territory for me, it wasn't an easy decision to make. My time with Destructoid has offered me experiences and opportunities I at one time could have only dreamed of. I've worked with some of the brightest, most passionate, and talented writers, all of which have become family. I couldn't have done any of this without them; they're the wind beneath my wings and all that.

Destructoid's enthusiastic, tight-knit community has no peer -- you've all been incredible throughout the years, and I can't thank you enough for your support. Keep doing your thing; you're amazing.

Niero, I've told you as much already, but thank you for everything. Your faith and support over the years will never be forgotten. You give your all to Destructoid and the other sites in the Modern Method network, and it's been an inspiration. You're too good of a person, and I'm still not convinced you're human. I owe you more than you know.

In other news: hey, look! Swaddled baby bats, everyone!

Real talk,


P.S. You haven't seen the last of me; be sure to say "hi" if you see me at PAX, while I'm at a grocery store buying milk, and other places you might spot me. You can keep up with me on Twitter (@nickchester) because I occassionally say and do interesting things. But no promises.
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