The Daily Hotness: Wizard punch!

Yeah, this has nothing to do with anything. It’s just freaking awesome. You can get the new White Ninja shirt here

Anthony and David Jaffe discuss games on the latest Podtoid, Rey checks out Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, Jim reviewed Scribblenauts, ICO would have sold better if the cover art didn’t suck and more magic happened on 09/17/09.

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On Assignment: Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

GDC Austin 09:
Twisted Pixel’s ‘Splosion Man Postmortem

The Forgotten: A Spy in HARM’s Way
Community blogs of 09/17/09
Forum of the day: The Arcade (General Game related talk)


Sol Survivor impressions: making turret defense ‘twitchy’

Reminder:Play Shaiya and win a big sexy Alienware laptop!
Need for Speed: Shift Twitter party get! Win a PS3 Slim!
Win a code to download the Brutal Legend demo!

SOE planning to launch PS3 version of Free Realms in 2010
Star Wars Jedi Knight series now up on Steam
Star Wars Galaxies: 12 servers to be killed in October
Left 4 Dead 2 banned in Australia
Sony’s motion wand could herald Wii-to-PS3 ports
Disgaea 2 PSP getting free DLC thanks to error messages
‘Forza 3’ Xbox 360 bundle announced, 250 GB HD included
Scribblenauts caught in ‘sambo’ racism controversy
PSPgo ‘save state’ feature allows drop in/drop out play
Uncharted 2 would like to tell Twitter everything it does
Fallout 3 Game of the Year edition, plus PS3 DLC update
PSP Minis: No multiplayer, no DLC, no updates
Disgaea Infinite: Dated, new site, crazy trailer
Last Guardian dev: Japan must appeal to the West or DIE!
Jon Bon Jovi supports Courtney Love’s Guitar Hero 5 rage
This just in: Thexder Neo looks amazing
TV show rips Sony apart for PS3 hardware failures
Sega: Possibility of Yakuza 3 localization ‘still exists’
Afrika now gold for North American PS3s
Tales of Monkey Island Chapter 1 is free for a day
PSPgo is ‘almost dead before it has arrived’
Ubisoft reveals Avatar: The Game Limited Edition
Vogster announces, uh… ‘resource reallocation’
Edmund McMillen Fcuks with Time, we write about it
Sexy details on Ninja Theory’s Enslaved
Upcoming Pearl Jam DLC for Rock Band priced
Sony: ICO would have sold if its box art didn’t suck
EA teases bringing back SSX
Sexy details on Ninja Theory’s Enslaved
Watchdog attempts to humilitate Sony, fails hard
Monkey Island: SE price to be lowered on Pirate day
Unreal Tournament 3 goes free for the weekend
The Zombie Apocalypse hits XLBA, PSN next week
Unbound Saga gets a little bit of a price cut

This sexy Halo Master Chief bust is very sexy and busty
TeeFury shows you how Mario really got the raccoon tail

Tales of Monkey Island Chapter 3 hitting September 29
Latest Halo: ODST video discusses everything ODST
LostWinds could come to the PS3 or Xbox 360
New Persona 3 Portable trailer shows it all
Video: Iron Maiden drummer plays The Beatles: Rock Band
Bomberman Live: Blitz screens arrive, now with more bombs
The Witcher 2: Assassin of Kings video leaked, possibly

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