The Daily Hotness: What’s your GotY?

The year is starting to wind down, as we all make our last purchases, and head into the psychotic clustergluck that is the holiday season. So, Mr. Andy Dixon wants to know, “What’s your GotY?” 

Mine? Mine is Outland. Because it’s amazing. You should go play that. Now.

Around the ‘toid today we have a new Podtoid in progress, new Dtoid show, and reviews of GamerFood and Bejeweled 3

Destructoid Original:
DTOID Show: Hands-on with Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning
Podtoid records today, so ask us stuff

Forum Thread of the day: Magfest 10 (2012)
Community blogs for 12-8-11
Vote now for Dtoid’s GotY 2011 Community Choice Award!

25 Days: Win Dead Island and the Bloodbath Arena DLC!

Destructoid tries GamerFood gaming snacks
Review: Bejeweled 3

Hands-on: Ninja Gaiden 3’s single and multiplayer modes
Dead or Alive 5 is ‘fighting entertainment’ at its finest

New app lets you control your Xbox from a Windows Phone
Yuji Naka’s new iOS game FlickPig is Supercute
Rumor: Dead Rising 3 plot and character leaks?
Sine Mora is now exclusive to Xbox Live Arcade
Extra PSN accounts possible on Vita with new memory cards
$10 shirts over at the Destructoid store!
Kinect Rush: A Disney Pixar Adventure set for March 2012
King of Fighters XIII demo is up on Xbox Live now
3DS Slide Pad: 480 hours of play, stupid screw seal
Batman: Arkham City Lockdown pops up in iOS
Nintendo DLC: Pushmo, Paper Wars, and more
Fastest-selling PSN game: inFamous 2: Festival of Blood
Ubisoft celebrates 25th anniversary with Xbox Live sale
OnLive coming to mobile and tablet devices
Konami’s life-sized LovePlus calendars are $100+ each
Don’t pursue Lu Bu without some of that sweet Pepsi taste
Jaffe doesn’t want online pass in Twisted Metal
Miyamoto NOT retiring, role at Nintendo isn’t changing

Japan’s Super Potato has got all the bomb frostings
Frightening Diablo costume made me sh*t myself
brentalfloss goes Amazonian on Scrooge McDuck

Unstoppable Gorg prepares for launch with new media
New DmC trailers feature fighting, stretchy buildings
Vietnam’s first big game is a historical FPS
Unboxing Skyrim’s four-disc soundtrack
New screenshots for LOTRO: The Prince of Rohan
Tink is a game with 40,000,000 colors in it
Hey! Listen! Watch me on GameTrailers TV tonight!
The girls of Dead or Alive 5: Ayane and Hitomi

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