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Yeah. Today was kinda off. We had a pretty nice mix of news, including a couple new games, patches, and other awesome little tidbits. Sadly, we also saw the lay-off of everyone at 38 and Bighuge Games. The hearts of everyone here definitely goes out to them as they move forward.

 Gotta take the good with the bad I suppose.

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The battle of the E3 2012 predictions!
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Sorry angry Mega Man fans, EX Troopers is not Legends 3
Here’s the first peek at Yakuza 5
Diablo III’s class tweaks, bug fixes, and game changes 
An Anarchy Reigns demo hits Japan next week
Red Bull Battlegrounds kicks off in Austin this weekend
Because We May sale discounts many great indie games
New Skyrim update brings mounted combat 
Entire staff at 38 Studios and Big Huge Games laid off
Teaser site suggests Castlevania: Lords of Shadow sequel
Rebellion Pack DLC officially announced for Mass Effect 3
Indie Game: The Movie coming to Steam, iTunes, Blu-ray
Resident Evil Chronicles HD aiming for June launch on PS3
Nintendo DLC: Moar Mighty Switch Force, please

This Ecco the Dolphin art installation is a pure trip
This man has proof that consoles are better than PCs

See how it ends in this scary Metro: Last Light trailer
Persona 4 Golden’s OP movie is very chipper
Everything you need to know about Sleeping Dogs
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Watch out for tigers in Dead or Alive 5
The voices behind Batman: Arkham City GotY edition

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