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Kotaku is splitting up their website into a gaming news site and a… I don’t even know. I always thought they were  a gaming news site. I’m a bit confused. I mean, if that’s their thing, that’s fine but I don’t… umm… get it?

Penny Arcade had a pretty good thing about it. As they always do. Because Gabe and Tycho are sexy, sexy man-beasts. Like Gobun.

In other news, SOPA sucks balls, but is not quite as bad as it was, XBL accounts are getting hacked and people are winding down after CES.

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nVidia ‘not consulted’ on ESA’s support of SOPA
Batman: Arkham City is Metacritic’s top rated 2011 game
Good Old Games voices opposition to SOPA and PIPA
Xbox Live hacking is a very real problem
Starhawk beta rolling out in phases over the coming weeks
A starter’s guide to Robot Entertainment’s Hero Academy
PC download deals: Dead Space, Civilization
De-fanged: DNS blocking has been removed from SOPA bill
Developers of Firefall, Minecraft to join SOPA blackouts

Max Payne needs some fashion advice


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Tropico 4 expansion blasts off on Xbox 360 & PC in March
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