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Do you remember how awesome it was to get your first PC or console? Yeah, it was pretty sweet. You guys should post pictures in the comments of yourselves as kids with your early gaming rigs.

Today we have a new episode of The DTOID Show that talks about Mass Effect coming to iOS, reviews of NeverDead and Iron Brigade: Rise of the Martian Bear, impressions of DOTA 2, Gotham Impostors gets 100 DLC items, a giant platypus attacks Boston, the Olson twins announce their presidential run, the 3DS drops to $150 at GameStop, and McDonalds is actually good for you. I might have made a few of those up. Anyway, there is all kinds of fun stuff to read today.

Destructoid Original:
Live show: WTF? Mister Mosquito on Mash Tactics
Bond with your friends in Binary Domain’s multiplayer
The DTOID Show: Mass Effect on iOS and Psychonauts 2?!

Forum thread of the day: Sh*t People say on Facebook
Community blogs of 2/8

Review: NeverDead
Review: Iron Brigade: Rise of the Martian Bear

Preview: Battleship is a game about a movie about a game
Preview: Skylanders universe grows with Skylanders Giants
Impressions: Dota 2 beta

Catch the 2012 D.I.C.E. Summit via live stream

First DLC for NeverDead gets detailed
PSA: Get Mewtwo for Pokémon White and Black
Square Enix would really like you to buy some DLC
Shockingly, Ubisoft screws up PC games again
PS3 firmware 4.10 on its way, THANK CHRIST
Killzone PS3 re-release is ‘delayed indefinitely’
Metal Gear Solid on Vita getting unique controls
100 DLC items for Gotham City Impostors hit Xbox Live
The Old Republic’s Ilum still having issues
GameStop drops 3DS to $150 as the PS Vita looms close
Nintendo of America has hired a spokesdog
Paradox teases upcoming games ahead of GDC reveal
Sakaguchi: High-quality graphics have become excessive
Rise of the Dragonian Era: A weekend of dragons
Double Fine to fund game exclusively through Kickstarter
PlayStation Vita games available on PSN right now
Importers: US Vita PlayStation Store is now up…kinda

This is probably the dumbest Pokemon video ever…

Sleeping Dogs takes the fight to Hong Kong’s true crime
It’s not done yet!? Retro City Rampage update on Feb. 20
Shank 2 launch trailer is full of ultraviolent action
The Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav looks delicious
The last Naruto Generations trailer you’ll ever need

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