The Daily Hotness: Videogame half-time show

This video of the Ohio State University marching band playing a videogame themed half-time show over the weekend has been making the rounds all day, but I thought it was totally still worth sharing with you all. The parts where they form the Halo logo and the Triforce gets me every single time.

On this fine October Monday, people are claiming Resident Evil 6 has on-disc DLC, we reviewed XCOM: Enemy Unknown, people are mad at Modern Warfare 2 again, and so much more happened on 10/8/2012.

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Review: XCOM: Enemy Unknown 
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Registration now open for PAX East 2013
Dishonored gets a midnight launch event in Austin
League of Legends season two World Playoffs postponed

New distribution deal for Atlus and Kalypso Media 
On-disc DLC allegedly found for Resident Evil 6
The long, sad story behind Ubisoft’s I Am Alive
Windows 8 uses real cash, not Microsoft Points
Modern Warfare 2 map removed after Muslim complaints
Rayman Legends is delayed until Q1 2013
Vita rhythm game Orgarhythm coming to PSN October 23
Guardians of Middle-earth launching December 4
Angry Birds Star Wars sounds like what you would expect
No, 343 Industries won’t let you see Master Chief’s face
Job listings by Visceral Games hint at a new MOBA

Jimquisition: Resident Evil 6 IS survival horror 
If Super Mario were a Chinese kung fu crime drama…
Mega64: Alan Wake and his magical flashlight

ibb and obb coming to PSN in spring, looks cute 
Ubisoft devs discuss Assassin’s Creed Liberation 
Dokuro releases on PS Vita October 16 
Super efficient trailer announces Crazy Taxi for iPhone 
Battlefield: Bad Company is getting a TV show on FOX

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