The Daily Hotness: Vanquish

Great news PS3 and PC players of Grand Theft Auto IV! Episodes From Liberty City is now heading to your platforms. Oh timed exclusives, how you make the fanboys go nuts.

Platinum Games’ announced Vanquish, a few Aliens Vs Predator previews went up today, the next Zelda will be shown at E3 this year, Mass Effect 2 already sells 2 million copies, Professor Layton is a good ice skater and more happened on 01/29/10.

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Preview: Aliens Vs Predator (Multiplayer campaign)
Preview: Aliens Vs Predator (single-player campaign)
Community blogs of 01/29/10
Forum of the day: Respect my Beliefs!

iPhone Review Round-up: January

Console game in handheld: SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo 3
Aliens vs. Predator’s multiplayer triple threat

Heavy Rain has gone gold, NA demo date confirmed
GTA: Episodes From Liberty City hitting PS3, PC in March
Platinum Games’ next project is called Vanquish
That Nintendo/Mistwalker Wii RPG: The Last Story
Sega’s ‘Project Needlemouse’ to get proper name next week
Nintendo president dumps on Apple’s iPad
A better look at the stuff cut fromTatsunoko Vs Capcom
Reminder: European WiiWare demos end on January 31
PS Store Update for the week of January 28th
Capybara vomiting out a Critter Crunch patch today
Digital Mass Effect comic free for one day only
Do Want: Wii RPG Xenoblade also named Monado
Rock Band DLC: Going country for the third time
Nintendo’s 2010 release chart: Metroid:OM coming soon!
Rumor: Star Wars: Battlefront Online in pre-production
Blizzard shows off StarCraft II beta system requirements
Sega: Interested in Shenmue, scared of poor sales
Take a survey, get a free Telltale game
Next Legend of Zelda on Wii, will be shown at E3
Mass Effect 2 sells 2 million copies in first week
A PS3 version of Rez HD could be a thing that happens
PSA: 2K Marin is a developer that makes games
Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker delayed in Japan
Steam grows in 2009 without water
Aliens vs. Predator Classic online multiplayer enabled
Lovely new Metroid: Other M official website up
Beatles Rock Band track generates over $200k in donations
VVVV: The 4KB Java demake of VVVVVV

Here are some completely fake images of a new Zelda
Professor Layton takes to the ice
Now you can play your Atari 2600 ROMs in style

Dante tears sh*t up in this trailer
Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley hits this April
Latest Blur teaser shows off ‘unique culture,’ explosions
Here’s what Nova & Shift play like on the iPad
Dante’s Inferno: Poem meets game, scythe meets face
Fatshark details Fatshark’s shooter Lead and Gold

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