The Daily Hotness: Used games are evil

Used games are so evil. Evil evil evil things. They are hurting the videogame industry so much. Who ever invented used games should be shot. Jerks.

There are a ton of games coming to San Diego Comic-Con, Valkyria Chronicles 2 was revealed, Resident Evil 4 is definitely coming to the iPhone, Space Invaders: Infinity Gene looks amazing and plenty more happened on 07/15/09.

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San Diego Comic-Con 09:
South Park XBLA game to be revealed at Comic-Con
Microsoft to show off ‘new, exciting’ project at Comic-Con
Get Monster Hunter Freedom Unite freebies at Comic-Con
Sega bringing an overload of Bayonetta goodness to Comic-Con
Capcom has plushies and secrets for you at Comic-Con

EA will host a panel discussing homophobia in game culture
Nintendo turns Times Square into Wii Sports Resort
Activision helping out our troops, giving out body massages

Fable II Reaver concept art revealed, announcement teased
Champions Online’s future could be in the realm of villainy
C&C4 goes WoW: will require the Internet to play
Valkyria Chronicles 2 revealed, coming to the PSP
Monkey Island: SE and Madballs in …Babo available today
Bill Gates confirms Natal technology is coming to PC
Stealthy or wild: SEGA makes reserving Alpha Protocol hard
‘Casual’ game developer hates the word ‘casual’
CD Projekt adding nudity to The Witcher with Director’s Cut
25 to 30% of users return to PlayStation Home
Killzone series won’t wait for PlayStation 4
Turbografx-16 games hit the PlayStation Network in Japan
Mass Effect might be more than a trilogy
Warner to stream movies to Japanese Wii via new service
Chinese drywall may have killed your Xbox
Capcom confirms Resident Evil 4 for iPhone
Perry: Used games pushing industry to digital distribution
Logitech premium PS3 Guitar Hero drum kit looks familiar
Left 4 Dead 2 is racist because ‘several’ zombies are black
Darkest of Days gets dated, you should probably care
Dragon Age Collector’s Edition revealed, packed with stuff
Bayonetta gets pre-order swag, Japanese release date
Flower dev: Games need real ‘mature content’
Atlus fans decide on name for upcoming PSP brawler
G1 Starscream coming to Transformers: RotF in DLC pack
Peter Moore is “spritely,” FIFA might use motion controls
Irem’s upcoming PSP RPG makes me hungry
Red Faction: Guerrilla PC gets a release date, system specs
No MAG for you until 2010: Get used to it, soldier!

Crap Super Pac-Man easter egg from 1984 found
Poseable figure of Persona 3’s Aegis is on the way
BioShock 2’s Big Sister rips up the con circuit

Space Invaders: Infinity Gene coming to iPhone
Serious Sam HD wants you to submit your wit
PopCap announces Bookworm Adventures 2 is on the way
A Star Radish gameplay video, growing in the wild
My Life as a Darklord hits WiiWare this Friday

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