The Daily Hotness: Up to no good

Man, what’s up with those ey-ALL HAIL HYPNO-CAT.

Sony and Microsoft kicked off CES, a game designer was sentenced to death, a PC version of Dark Souls is getting more support, Mash Tactics played SoulCalibur V two weeks early and so many other amazing things happened on 1/9/2012.

Destructoid Original:
Bloggers Wanted: What I Want in 2012
Destructoid’s most wanted Xbox 360 games of 2012
Live show: Mash Tactics gets ‘filthie’ with SoulCalibur V
The DTOID Show: XCOM, Diablo III, and PC Dark Souls?

Community blogs of 1/9
Forum thread of the day: Who would YOU replace Tara Long with?

CES 2012:
CES: Sony’s 2012 press conference streaming live
CES: Netflix headed to PlayStation Vita in the US
CES: Windows to get Kinect on February 1

SWTOR’s first major patch bringing bosses, anti-aliasing
Aliens: Colonial Marines special edition outed online
Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition announced
Dark Souls PC petition boasts over 48,000 signatures
EA using First Amendment to keep helicopters in BF3
Namco Bandai pulls penis-flavored SoulCalibur V ad
Xbox Live Arcade House Party: Alan Wake, Warp, and more
XCOM: Enemy Unknown screenshots and details
AT&T announces data plans for the PS Vita
Interplay’s Fallout MMO is done as Bethesda wins battle
Star Trek Online free-to-play early access underway
Game designer sentenced to death for spying/propaganda
Mojang hears you, plans to beef up Minecraft – Pocket Ed.
Mythos Global open beta starting in February
Silent Hill HD Collection slips to March
Ne-Yo’s ‘Closer’ is coming to Dance Central 2 tomorrow

The Jimquisition: SOPA Approved
Bloody! Fighterpdia chronicles the history of fatalities
Badass! This Mega Man Zero sprite film is intense

Operation Raccoon City has brain zombies, explosions
Funcom shares the secrets of the Illuminati this week
New releases: AMY, Choplifter HD, Zen Pinball 3D, & more!
Disney announces Marvel: Avengers Alliance for Facebook
Motocross Matchup PRO on PC brings cross-platform play

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