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Today, Jim reviewed Saints Row IV and deemed it awesome. I agree. Definitely worth picking up on the 20th. You’ll be the most badass President since Bill Pullman in Independence Day.

Also, other things happened, like community member Cordoroy Turtle’s second Mega Guide for Spelunky, Jonathan Holmes’ review of Attack of the Friday Monsters! A Tokyo Tale, Jim’s Now Bloody Playing of PAYDAY 2, or Chris’ review of Ultima Forever: Quest for the Avatar.

Destructoid Originals:
We have dug some shallow Spelunky graves
Celebrate 20 years of Secret of Mana with fan remix album
PAYDAY 2 – Now Bloody Playing
Live show: Charlie Murder with Ska Studios

Community blogs of 8/13
Forum thread of the day: Saints Row IV
Spelunky Mega Guide: Everything you need to know (part 2)

Review: Saints Row IV

Review: Ultima Forever: Quest for the Avatar
Review: Attack of the Friday Monsters! A Tokyo Tale

Early thoughts on the ukiyo-e fighting game Edo Superstar
Hawken’s next big update is all thanks to fan feedback

Blizzard teases Diablo III related ‘Reaper of Souls’
Capcom is taking the Ultra SF IV PC version seriously
Microsoft adjusts Xbox One launch markets from 21 to 13
Season passes will transfer between Xbox 360 and Xbox One
Call of Duty: Ghosts won’t have in-game streaming feature
Now it’s EA’s turn to have a Humble Bundle
Runner 2 ‘Good Friends Pack’ hits 360 and Wii U this week
Microsoft hires former Steam boss for Windows gaming
Game Music Bundle 5 features Monaco, Fez, FTL, and more
A new football season means a Football Manager 2014
Counter-Strike: GO gets new weapons, skins, and CRATES
Capcom Essentials bundles five games in one for $59.99
Super Smash Bros.’ Pilotwings stage up close

Icarus Proudbottom Teaches Typing is mental; play it
Rhymedown Spectacular: Cyclical

That Dragon, Cancer coming to that console, Ouya
New trailer for Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved
Grand theft subtlety: GTAV governor candidates are awful
Killing monsters: Witcher 3 goes philosophical, murderous
The Dishonored saga ends with The Brigmore Witches
Awesomenauts is coming to the PlayStation 4
Dark Souls II gets a live-action teaser trailer
Telltale’s The Wolf Among Us has a green, flying monkey
Here’s our first look at Call of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer
CoD: Ghosts sees biggest multiplayer overhaul since MW1
Disney Infinity: Action! is an AR toy for mobile devices
Let’s Wok! Chaos Code coming to PlayStation 3
Flashback HD remake gets a new story trailer

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