The Daily Hotness: Travis Touchdown!

The most badass videogame of all time was our Badass of the Month today. Everyone wants to be him, everyone wants to do him and everyone wants to get killed by him. What’s not to love about Travis?

Rey is a playboy, we reviewed Heavy Rain, we’re giving away an extremely rare Muscle March-themed Wii, BioShock 2 on the PC doesn’t have controller support, the StarCraft II beta hits later this month and more happened on 02/10/10.

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Heavy Rain

Strike a pose, win rare Muscle March-themed Wii
Show us your gangster side and win Mafia II pin-up calendars

Dante’s Inferno-themed burlesque show in LA tonight
Wil Wheaton to give keynote at PAX East


Final Fantasy XIII Xbox 360 bundle coming to America?
BioShock 2 controller support dropped, Internet rages
BackBreaker dev also working on IceBreaker Hockey?
Fairytale Fights DLC hitting PSN on February 11
Analyst: Electronic Arts is a ‘serial over-promiser’
Aliens vs. Predator DLC maps available for plebs soon
Could From be working on Demon’s Souls 2?
EA moving away from distribution partnerships (Update)
Huh, so this is what Ancients of Ooga looks like
Red Dead Redemption’s silly pre-order bonuses
Graphic violence in Aliens vs. Predator ‘necessary’
Starcraft II to be downloadable through new
New Spider-Man title, StarCraft II, and the usual suspects in ’10 for Activision
Klosterman: new games better than old ones in every way
Limited edition Sonic Classic Collection just for Spain?
New Call of Duty game to hit this holiday
Beta for Bizarre’s Blur announced for March
StarCraft II to enter closed beta later this month
Final Fantasy XIII and the NBA All-Star celebrity JAM
Original Xbox DLC already removed from Live
EA not developing an NCAA Basketball title ‘at this time’
Who’s that new Pokemon?! It’s Zoroark!
Bejeweled is 10, PopCap plans to celebrate
Yakuza 3 preorders come loaded with DLC
BioShock 2’s widescreen bug is strangely familiar


Mega64: Third GDC ad is straight out of Anthony Burch’s mind

Go invisible in Ghost Recon: Future Soldier
Blizzard Entertainment reveals update
A look at Supreme Commander 2’s ‘AC1000’ in action

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