The Daily Hotness: Tomorrow is my birthday!

Well, by the time you’re reading this it’ll already be my birthday. I’m expecting those wheelbarrows of gifts you have all sent me will be arriving very soon?

On this Memorial Day Monday, we took things a little easy around here at Destructoid. Nevertheless, Silent Hill HD was produced from incomplete code, Jim warned heavily against purchasing Resistance: Burning Skies, Tony is wary of New Super Mario Bros. 2, and so many other exciting things happened on 5/28/2012.

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Community blogs of 5/28
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Silent Hill HD was made from incomplete code
Pachter: on-disc DLC is ‘just plain greed’
Pre-order Max Payne 3 on Steam, get multiplayer DLC free
Binding of Isaac ‘Wrath of the Lamb’ DLC now on Steam
Quantic Dream’s new project to be shown at E3

Synthpop Phoenix Wright music video is so money
Pull out the crack pipe for some witch house game remixes
Jimquisition: The best looking game this generation
The perfect evening attire for your Baby Blue Bomber

Wizorb to be a PlayStation Minis title this June
EA highlights NHL 13’s True Performance Skating system
Super Road Blaster, the impossible Laserdisc-to-SNES port

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