The Daily Hotness: To Be The Best

They’re back, man. They’re finally back.

Besides the return of Tenacious D sweeping the nation, Conrad’s preview of Assassin’s Creed III went up today, Ryan checked out Darksiders II, The Old Republic has too many servers according to some people, and so much more happened on 3/26/2012.

Destructoid Original:
Flixist X Dtoid to host a post-PAX East viewing of The FP
Live show: Little Big Planet multiplayer on Mash Tactics
DTOID Interview: There are NO fish in Assassin’s Creed 3
Wha’ Happened: Spinach Festival Day

Community blogs of 3/26
Forum thread of the day: DOOMed! (The DOOM Series Thread)

Review: Amalur: Reckoning – The Legend of Dead Kel
Review: Armored Core V

Assassin’s Creed III: Over the river, through the woods
Preview: Darksiders II is inspired by the best there is
Preview: One more turn into the Fray

Sony Online Entertainment announces SOE Live event

The Old Republic accused of having too many servers
Next Starbreeze project, Cold Mercury, to be free-to-play
Second wave of Gravity Rush DLC seen in the wild
Grab the Mass Effect games people like cheap on Amazon
BioShock movie on hold as director may have left
Scalping didn’t make the cut in Assassin’s Creed III
Audiosurf Air beta sign-ups are currently open
Mistborn series to get a prequel game next year
1-bit Ninja now has a Lite version
Robert Bowling leaves Infinity Ward
Silent Hill: Book of Memories delay officially confirmed
Dragon’s Dogma soundtrack coming via Square Enix
Cheer a crying giant and save the world from his tears

New World of Darkness video shows off in-game graphics
Telltale gives us some actual Walking Dead gameplay
Dungeon crawler Legend of Grimrock goes gold
May the Kinect Star Wars launch trailer be with you
Zack Zero demo to hit PS3 tomorrow

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