The Daily Hotness: The SNES was the greatest (08/04/08)

It’s a shame Nintendo never capitalized on making portable versions of their older systems. If Sega could do it with the Nomad, then Nintendo could have done the same thing with the SNES! Granted, they probably just wanted everyone to focus on the GameBoys. Still, it would be awesome to own an officially made portable SNES. 

The Monthly Musing theme is announced, win a copy of Devil May Cry 4 for the PC, Ghostbusters has a release date but no publisher, Atlus reveals Eternal Poison, and plenty more happened on Monday. 

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Wii Shop releases for the week of 8/4: Wild West Guns, Sonic, Splatterhouse 2
New releases for the week of 08/04/08
Monday Mind Teasers 08/04/08

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Monthly Musings: Instant Replay
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Contest: Don’t steal Devil May Cry 4 for the PC … win it! (Update)

R-Type Dimensions hitting Xbox Live Arcade
Iwata: Nintendo out of original ideas
Square Enix not even thinking about Xbox 360 version of XIII yet
PS3 graphics distancing from rivals, according to Sony
360 Avatars allowed in non-violent games
Thai killer claims to have emulated GTA IV, game promptly banned
Mirror’s Edge to get DLC, PS3 lead platform
New Call of Duty in 2009
XBLA Quake title canned
Uncharted Trophies are out
New Doom game could inspire movie sequel
Demos for Alone in the Dark, Wall-E land on Xbox LIVE Marketplace
Third party Wii Balance Board rears its costly head
DLC for LittleBigPlanet will be based on fan demand
Fatal Frame IV features Luigi outfit, Nintendo fails with US release info
Saints Row on Wii would be ‘too controversial’

There were a lot of stories on Monday so hit the jump for the rest of the Hotness.

Sony’s Scott Steinberg: no ‘senior citizen’ gaming happening here
Microsoft graphic designer may have inadvertently announced Halo 3 for the PC
Hey cheapskate, Blast Works is now only $19.99
Best Buy: Final Fantasy VII out for PS3 next Saturday
Sony’s design a shibito contest for Siren 2 — oh yeah, there’s a Siren 2 coming
Wii successor to be ‘thoroughly vetted’ before decided upon
But Microsoft, you denied that Braid would be 1200 points
Wolfenstein movie confirmed alive, Uwe Boll’s ears perk up
Publisher promises $30 compensation if you don’t like their game’s beta
Japanese sales show victory for Phantasy Star Portable, Rhythm Tengoku Gold
Ghostbusters has a release date, but no publisher: Who they gonna call?
Game peripherals everywhere: 30% more than last year
Some Bioshock Trophies will be unique
Alien Crush returns in aptly named Alien Crush Returns
EA embraces Avatars, plans to ‘put them in battle gear’
Videogames can’t ‘be blamed for humanity’s problems’
Nunchuk-like controller coming to cell phones
Diablo III dev owns whiny critics, points out flaws in their ‘helpful’ ideas
Onechanbara will get US release on 360, sequel on Wii.

360 avatar creator images leaked
PS4 caused Phil Harrison to quit Sony
Rock Revolution setlist leaked?

Trailers & Videos:
Atlus’ upcoming license revealed: Eternal Poison
New and free Battlefield: Bad Company mode, Conquest, coming August 7
Rise of the Argonauts is an RPG, disagree and it’ll cut your arms off
Hey! You got your Mirror’s Edge in my Portal
Even more behind the scenes footage of Bionic Commando: Rearmed

Ar tonelico II coming to North America this winter
WTF is a ‘Kefling’?: Info, screens of XBLA title A Kingdom for Keflings
Buy a DS and you’re guaranteed pussy: Hello Kitty pussy, of course

Portable Super Nintendo makes me hot for cartridges again

Gym charging $110 an hour to play the Wii
DS erotica promoted by naughty cosplayer: BAN THIS SICK FILTH!

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