The Daily Hotness: The Real Dovakhiin

Two parents named their kid “Dovakhiin”, after the main character in Skyrim. On the one hand, that’s kinda badass. I walked around my school with a Skyrim helmet for a week, so I know where they are coming from. Plus, I’m pretty sure the guy will just go by his middle name- Tom, in case you were wondering. Still, after reading that, I suddenly wanted a drink. Of the alcoholic variety.

In less odd news, we have some slick Zelda-based articles including a Dtoid Original listing the hardest Zelda dungeons ever, and a review of Jimmie Johnson’s Anything with an Engine and Cities XL 2012.

Destructoid Original:
It Came from Japan! Ganpuru: Gunman’s Proof
The ten most difficult Zelda dungeons EVER!

Community blog recaps for 11/17
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Review: Jimmie Johnson’s Anything With An Engine
Review: Cities XL 2012

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So many buttons: SteelSeries’ new PC Racing controller
Play as a Panda Chun-Li in Street Fighter X Tekken
Skyrim lagging to a horrid degree on PS3
Nintendo DLC: Kirby’s Adventure in 3D! Seizure music!
Modern Warfare 3 breaks records, makes $775 million
Producer admits Final Fantasy XIII had problems
Six charitable Scots play Horde Mode on Insane for 48hrs
Square Enix licenses Unreal Engine 3 for multiple games
Why Assassin’s Creed III could be set in China
What kids want this Holiday: iOS devices, 3DS and Kinect
Sega acquires studio Three Rings Design
New multiplatform FPS Enemy Front looks nice
Analysts: Xbox 720 will be a hybrid console
Nyko is having a huge accessory sale
Nintendo only wants DLC for ‘complete’ game experiences
Trenched becomes Iron Brigade and hits Europe Nov 30
Grasshopper Manufacture helping students make Vita games
GameStop alone sells 600,000 Call of Duty Elite subs
Kojima cover story in OPM confirms Metal Gear Solid 5
The Flash is coming to DC Universe Online
Super Meat Boy and indie friends throw a Steam sale
Good Old Games to expand its library with newer titles
Capsized goes free for iPad in the new year
Torchlight II has a good excuse for slipping into 2012

Two parents actually called their child Dovahkiin
Female Link + violin virtuosity = DAMN!
The great Zelda musical tribute celebration! Day four!

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Huge batch of WTF-y new Final Fantasy XIII-2 screens
Max Payne 3 gameplay trailer … need we say more?
New Serious Sam 3 trailer contains a lot of blood

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