The Daily Hotness: The pride of Abobo

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You do NOT f*ck with Abobo’s son! It’s time to put the hurtin’ on somebody!

Big day today. A whole bunch of news comes to us from the CES floor, we interview the folks behind Prototype 2, Holmes and I shared our list of anticipated Wii games of 2012, the director of Binary Domain talks about the game, empowered women in videogames has become an epidemic, and Silent Hill is an adaptation of Kindergarten Cop.

Destructoid Original:
Prototype 2: A more engaging, funnier protagonist
Podtoid 184: Toothy Bone Forest
Prototype 2: Better side missions, expanded gameplay
PSA: Do not buy AMY today
Get intimate with the creators of Sanity Not Included
DTOID Show interview: IO devs talk Hitman Absolution
Destructoid’s most wanted Wii / Wii U games of 2012
Binary Domain’s story is about robot vs. human conflict
Live show: Mash Tactics dictates in Tropico 4
The DTOID Show: Fiona, and AMY, and Amalur! Oh, my!

Community blogs of 1/11
Forum thread of the day: Emotional Music

Review: Choplifter HD
Review: Fortune Street

Preview: Hitman: Absolution is more than a stealth game

CES: Your next gaming chair
CES: Nyko is ready for the PS Vita
CES: Game Changer for iPad probably not a game changer
CES: Mad Catz Major League Gaming controller impresses
CES: OnLive games will soon be playable through Google TV
CES: Alan Wake’s American Nightmare kicked my ass

Retailers: Drop online pass, and we’ll share our profits
Robot Entertainment’s Hero Academy now available to all
Choplifter HD to get free helicopter DLC
Original Killzone coming to PlayStation Network Jan 24
DC Universe Online is 1 year old today
New Club Nintendo game rewards include Majora’s Mask
Ubisoft loses AC: Revelations creative director
The Darkness II finally has a demo on the way
Red Orchestra 2 Mod SDK unleased on Steam
Cave Story maker releases iOS game about saving(?) seals
Geocaching to provide Tomb Raider-themed adventures

Cash-strapped Link pawns off the Triforce of Courage
Chun-Li and Cammy have a cat fight
‘WTF is with empowered women in video games now?’
New Resi film retitled as Re5ident Evil: Retribution
Bit Brigade’s Mega Man 2 concert / speedrun is my JAM
Silent Hill based on Kindergarten Cop, CONFIRMED!

Kid Icarus gets spruced up in this Flash remake
ME3 and Reckoning demos will give you in-game items
Abobo is on the loose
New trailer for Binary Domain shows off the story
Soar awkwardly in Everquest II

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