The Daily Hotness: The Muppets respond to Fox News

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Precocious little scamps, ain’t they?

Today, Tara Long informed us that The Destructoid Show (taping in front of a live audience this Friday in San Francisco!) is available on Virgin America flights under their “Best of the Web” umbrella, Wesley Ruscher took a look at Rhythm Heaven Fever, and I totally bought the collector’s edition of Final Fantasy XIII-2 and it’s pretty; I hope to play it eventually.

Destructoid Original:

All items in the Destructoid store now on sale!
Demo Jimpressions: Syndicate
Releases of the Week: SoulCalibur V, FFXIII-2, and more
Podtoid records today, so do the question thing
Live show: Mash Tactics lives forever with NeverDead
Unboxing The Darkness II with a badass Darkling statue
Team Fortress 2sdays: You were killed by…
Watch The Destructoid Show on Virgin America NOW!


Community blogs of 1/31
Forum thread of the day: The Amazing Spider-Man

Preview: Rhythm Heaven Fever induces grooving

Thief Gold comes to GOG
Syndicate demo hitting XBL, PSN today
Evangelion designer getting bossy on Sine Mora
SoulCalibur V’s massive sound team speaks
Team Ninja says Wii U keeps changing, is ‘very easy’
Mushihime-sama HD buzzing onto the Xbox 360
Paul McCartney is working on videogame music
THQ gets stock delisting warning as money troubles grow
Vita downloads confirmed cheaper than cartridges
Dragon’s Dogma has been delayed two months
Strange: Valve games available on GameStop Impulse
Some German politicians want their own version of SOPA
New screens reveal a bit of XCOM: Enemy Unknown gameplay
Mobile Steam app now ready for the rest of us
Kingdoms of Amalur gets special GameStop midnight release
Humble Bundle comes to Android (plus PC, Mac, and Linux)
Xbox Live adds Crackle and CinemaNow video apps


Fan-made Mother HD intro will mess you up
Nod ya head to these Final Fantasy VI instrumental mixes
Ace Attorney film director planning worldwide release

Early Prototype 2 buyers to get ‘Radnet Edition’ upgrade
Zone of the Enders gets new HD animated opening
MLB 2K12 gets a crackin’ teaser trailer
5th Cell’s Hybrid due this summer, looking sharp
Here’s your voice cast for Mass Effect 3
King of Fighters XIII gets a patch and a price reduction
Denpa Ningen, electro-magnetic men are invading Japan

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