The Daily Hotness: The legendary Dale North

This screen grab from our interview with The Behemoth shows off Dale perfectly. He’s so busy being important on his phone. Most likely Twittering about how much he hates something at the moment. That’s our Dale North!

Destructoid has invaded San Diego Comic-Con, Papa Burch is like a Big Boss, Holmes reviewed Little King’s Story, a Halo anime is on the way and plenty more happened on 07/23/09.

San Diego Comic-Con Originals:
This crowd already sucks
A closer look at the BioShock 2 room
Preview of Spore Hero
We chat with The Behemoth on ‘Game 3’
Dead Space: Extraction new stage, Life and Death

San Diego Comic-Con News:
Limited edition SFIV Hadouken ballcaps by Estate
Dragon Age: Origins has pint-sized heroes, also blood
Follow the King of Cosmos on Twitter
Assassin’s Creed short films in the works
Miles Edgeworth: Investigations screens
Check out The Behemoth’s ‘Game #3’
See and (sort of) play RE: The Darkside Chronicles
Ratchet and Clank contest-winning weapon revealed
SAW director bringing Castlevania to the big screen
Mad Catz showing off TvC: UA Fight Sticks
New screens, art and video from Tatsunoko Vs Capcom
Lost Planet 2 is taking it up a notch in these screens
Defense Grid still coming to Xbox LIVE Arcade
Spyborgs still looks like Spyborgs, confirmed
Army of Two: The 40th Day has morals and sh*t, bro
New Singularity screens have plenty of gore and ghouls
EUREKA! Ace Attorney Investigations gameplay video
New Splinter Cell: Conviction trailer
Five more “Game #3” trailers, just for you

Destructoid Originals:
Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin: Like Big Boss
RetroforceGO! records episode 96 tonight: Pinball
Rev Rant: Donate
From the Console to the TV Station: Part 3
What you can buy for your Avatar, and how much it’ll cost


I, the Author: Regret and redemption in the Wasteland
Community blogs of 07/23/09
Forum of the day: The Secret of Monkey Island SE

Little King’s Story

Star Trek D-A-C heading to PSN this summer
Wut? Warner Bros. announce Where the Wild Things Are game
Visceral execs making game based on existing Activision series
Seahawks receiver unhappy with Madden rating, boycotts game
So, they’re doing a Halo anime
Square-Enix unveils Limited Edition SaGa DSi bundle
Guerrilla steps back from Killzone 2 as new maps launch
Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition hits the App Store
Major publishers ‘not interested’ in DS games
Records are broken: A lot of people bought Battlefield 1943
Microsoft’s announces ‘Halo Waypoint’
Alpha Protocol’s sex scenes are ‘satisfying’ but ‘tasteful’
Assassin’s Creed blowing up Twitter with assassination game
Tom Clancy’s EndWar getting the sequel treatment
DJ Hero mixes Kid Cudi and Black Eyed Peas
IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey gets a release date
Pre-order Batman with GameStop, beat up skeletons
Official word is that APB will hit for the PC in Q1 2010
Pac-Man Championship Edition comes to mobile, looks good
Real Heroes: Firefighter voice cast is star-studded
Celebrate Thursday with BioShock 2 gamerpics and themes
Epic’s Rein: M-rated Wii games are ‘huge financial flops’
Plants vs. Zombies hitting Xbox LIVE Arcade
Ubisoft boss is skeptical about Beyond Good & Evil 2
Asteroids movie plot details aren’t exactly reassuring
Edge of Twilight is still called Edge of Twilight

WTF?: This bird likes Rock Band
Man falls in love with ten-year-old videogame girl

Chaotic: Shadow Warriors hits this fall, looks promising
Inevitable: Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland game announced
Band Hero for DS Lite introduces new Drum Grip
Sand dumped all over NYC in the name of Wii Sports Resort
Jack Black usurps Internet meme throne in Brutal Thoughts #5
First screenshots, updated box art for NHL 2K10
Final Fantasy Gaiden’s “Crown system” detailed, plus screens
You are going to love this new Borderlands trailer

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