The Daily Hotness: The Lakers have a jazz band

The Laker’s have a jazz band. I saw this picture on the internet, so it must be true. A picture can never lie. It’s a good thing that people don’t have a way to edit photos and change them. 

Today we’ve got a video about how to correctly handle public relations, Valve squashes the Half-life 3  rumours, The Old Republic isn’t working right, and… well, usually I would say a whole lot more, but not today. Things are a little quite today. You’ll just have to read everything twice, or you can try reading them backwards. Or you can just spend your day playing around with Photoshop…

Destructoid Original:
A tour of the Dungeon Defenders: Lost Eternia Shards DLC
PlayStation Vita operating impressions and FAQs
Live show: Sony comes over to play on Mash Tactics

Community blogs of 12/28
Forum thread of the day: The Great ‘Ocean Marketing’ Fiasco

Star Wars: The Old Republic fans unable to install game
Viacom ordered to pay Harmonix $383 million for Rock Band
Ambassadors: Super Mario Bros gets an update, multiplayer
PS Vita sells 72,479 units in second Japanese week
Valve on Half-Life 3 rumors: You’re being trolled
PC deals: Assassin’s Creed, Square Enix titles, indies
Vita Hot Shots Golf requires a separate pass for online 
First-print copies of Twisted Metal include TM: Black
Sonic the Hedgehog goes cheap today on Xbox Live
Stranger’s Wrath HD out on PSN right now, only $15

New Challenger’s spoof on Ocean Marketing is classic
Ocean Marketing’s PR goof becomes Internet sensation
Gamer endures 16 hours of DDR for a Guinness World Record
Thirsty? Have some delicious Mortal Kombat lemonade!
This Dragon Quest 3D map makes me HHHNNNNGG!!!
Rocket Knight adventuring to a sick drum beat

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