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To continue the conversation from earlier today, The Klobb was a horrible gun. Discuss.

We brought you some more X10 coverage, take a look at all of the gaming toys from NY Toy Fair 2010, Ashley unleashed the art from the latest Once Upon a Pixel, we reviewed The Magic Obelisk, you can win some Resident Evil 5 shirts and more happened on 02/15/10.

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Community blogs of 02/15/10
Forum of the day: We love Hamza thread

The Magic Obelisk

X10: Going to the junkyard with Scrap Metal
X10: Hands-on with Toy Soldiers
X10: Breaking things down with Crackdown 2

Win these limited edition Resident Evil 5 shirts
Strike a pose, win rare Muscle March-themed Wii


Battlefield 1943 price goes down, is Deal of the Week
RTS Kings and Castles announced
Rebellion patches AvP PS3 demo, responds to criticism
Whitesnake approves songs for Rock Band, Guitar Hero, or something
Alan Wake PC petition has a buggerload of signatures
Must buy: Plants vs. Zombies hits App Store, only $2.99
NECA making Borderlands, Splinter Cell toys
Nintendo DLC: Phoenix Wright, Sonic & Knuckles, Scrabble
GameStop gives Clash of the Titans a pre-order bonus
Atkinson: Gamers are scarier than bikers
No, seriously: Street Fighter IV for iPhone
Microsoft sees Natal evolving over the next half decade
Microsoft working on ‘large franchise’ game for Natal
UK Charts: BioShock 2 defeats Just Dance
First L.A. Noire screens hit the Internet
Resident Evil 4 Mobile Edition for Beginners
Peter Molyneux has ‘learnt lesson’ about over-promising
Yakuza 4 promo: Men’s pasta, awesome pasta platter
Dragon Age ‘Awakening’ comic is a thing that is happening
Dan to be in Street Fighter IV iPhone
Rumor again: Nintendo DS 2 dev kits in devs’ hands
Big Head’s The Terminator headed to PSP Minis
Section 8 still on for a PlayStation 3 release
Cryptic wants to let Star Trek players into their ships

Command & Conquer 4 devs discuss gameplay
Windows Phone 7 Series to support Xbox LIVE mobile
Yakuza 3 developer diary on inspiration, influences
Oh look, a Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing video

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