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With the recent release of Ni no Kuni screenshots and a new trailer, I am once again reminded of the interminable wait leading up to its release. I want Ni no Kuni more than most things (and certainly more than most games). Plus, the new Dishonored trailer got me hyped, while the general feeling of anticipation for videogames reminded me that Gravity Rush nears. Hooray, videogames!

Today, the debonair Maurice Tan published an extensive guide to The Witcher 2, Hamza Aziz “enthusiastically” played a Dragon Ball Z Kinect game that didn’t even let two players fuse (the only thing that would validate its existence — fusion-ha!), Dale North took a look at the too-long-off Ni no Kuni, and more!

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Preview: Star Trek is shaping up to be something special
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Halo 4 coming out on November 6, 2012
Bots semi-confirmed for Anarchy Reigns’ multiplayer
Video Games Live announces Canadian tour
Here’s a story trailer for Sorcery
Halo 4 news will appear on Conan O’Brien tonight
Dark Souls PC details: Specs, control, PVP and more
Dark Souls PC: Not necessarily on Games for Windows Live
Tekken Tag Tournament 2’s 2 vs 1 battles will be balanced
You won’t be charged for Tekken Tag 2’s extra characters
Baldur’s Gate: EE developer: ‘The Wii is a toy’
Diablo III beta servers to shut down May 1
Amazon PC download sale targets Battlefield games
What the deuce? Family Guy Online beta open to all
Etrian Odyssey IV will be getting a brand new sound
Paint something on your Vita tomorrow


Diablo III: The Order arriving at bookstores May 15th
Wreck-It Ralph’s teaser poster is just a pixelated sprite
Marvel is publishing a Max Payne 3 comic mini-series


Here’s a story trailer for Sorcery
Dishonored unleashed a debut trailer full of Stilt Police
Ridiculously gorgeous Ni no Kuni screenshots
Dragon Ball Z For Kinect will make you want to cry
What does a Lamborghini have to do with Tekken Tag 2?
Hey! Listen! Deadmau5 & Pixeljam on Sound Shapes for Vita
Fans chant ‘We want LAN!’ at recent StarCraft II tourney
Conan O’Brien will have a small voice role in Halo 4
Check out Axiom Verge, a one-man Metroidvania
Defense of the Pickaxe: New Minecraft map mimics DOTA

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