The Daily Hotness: The Destructoid community-written comic is go!

We’re experimenting with something new: A community-written Destructoid comic series has started! Mikey (the artist) needs your help: Leave a comment on his comic post telling him what the next comic should be about. If your comment wins, then that will be the next comic scene. I’m so excited. I’m so scared.

Brad N. talks to UGO about EGM, we pick some of our most anticipated PS3 games of 2009, the CES team bring us more CES stuff, Jack Thompson is still running his mouth, and plenty more happened on 01/12/09.

Destructoid Originals:
Podtoid tonight, guest starring Brad Nicholson’s pecs
UGO talks, we listen: EGM left out of the Ziff Davis asset acquisition
New releases this week: Mirror’s Edge, LotR: Conquest, Moon, and more
Destructoid interview: UGO’s Michael McCracken and 1UP’s Sam Kennedy
The most anticipated PS3 games of 2009
The Destructoid Comic: The beginning
Monday Mind Teasers: En passant

Forum of the day: Best way to rent games
C Blogs of 01/12/09

CES 2009:
Escaping 3D gaming and movies was impossible
Behold my future gaming throne
Peavey’s custom-made Jimmy Buffet guitar peripheral looks like a shark
Flock! hands-on impressions
Microsoft wants you to have more than 100 friends on Xbox LIVE
Over 110,000 ill-dressed douchebags in attendance this year
Gaming floor video overview
New Killzone 2 footage impresses
Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock reaches $1 billion in sales

Interpol: The Trail of Dr. Chaos 

Killzone 2 isn’t gray! Guerrilla promises
One-click inventory and a fistful of shaders: BioShock coming to the Mac?
Neversoft confirms they are no longer working on Tony Hawk franchise
Fat DS signed by Shig up for grabs if you have an equally fat savings
Jack Thompson targets Utah as his next victim
Namco Bandai calls dibs on Magna Carta: Crimson Stigma
Wii Shop releases:Jungle Speed, Planet Pachinko and Castlevania III
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes in Time teaser has pretty musics
Square Enix says only Japan gets the Final Fantasy XIII demo
Just Cause developer reveals AionGuard
XSEED says Little King’s Story will likely be late
Funcom is shutting down a bunch of Age of Conan servers
IRS advocate likes taxes for virtual goods
Rumortoid: Next-gen Indiana Jones cancelled [Update]
Greenberg: We’re joint winners with Nintendo!
Halo obsessed parent killer found guilty, videogame defense thrown out
Entire Famicom collection going for only 650,000 yen!
Gundam: Senjou no Kizuna’s hand glows with an awesome power

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