The Daily Hotness: The 3DS

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Nintendo announced the Nintendo 3DS late last night. It’s going to offer 3D gaming without the need for 3D glasses. What do you all make of Nintendo’s next handheld?

Our PAX East plans are up, DtoidAustralia checked out the Mana Bar in Australia, The Witcher 2 was announced, Chuck E. Cheese is still in business, the 250 GB 360 HDD will be a standalone and more happened on 03/23/10.

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Community blogs of 03/23/10
Forum of the day: The official PAX East thread

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Starbreeze confirms cancellation of a title
The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings officially announced
Fable III will be episodic
Sony exec ‘confirms’ LittleBigPlanet 2 with Move support
Badass robots confirmed for Portal 2
Chuck E. Cheese getting a glorified minigame collection
Nintendo announces the 3DS, portable gaming in 3D
No, this Spy Hunter movie won’t die
Serious Sam HD on PC gets Deathmatch, Steam achievements
Dashboard ad confirms standalone 250 GB 360 HDD
Analyst: 3DS announcement prior to DSi XL release ‘unfortunate’
Games on Demand: A 1000 Gamescore points for $19.99
Rocksteady thinks a Bane game ‘could be crazy’
Standalone DJ Hero turntables available at NA retailers
BioWare begins counting down to something or other
Pre-order Mount & Blade: Warband for instant beta access
Three more fighters announced for EA MMA
Learn about SSFIV’s Hakan from head-to-toe

Taking Pokewalker cheating to the next level with K’Nex
Mega64: Indie Man, defender of indie games
Metal Gear Peace Walker gets Mountain Dew Peace Walker


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The Red Star hits PSN
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