The Daily Hotness: The 2011 Destructoid Christmas Album

Chad Concelmo does his best Jack Skellington, Jim Sterling sings a hilariously inappropriate ballad, and Dale North makes everyone nice and moist. All this and more happened in the Second Annual Destructoid Christmas Album. Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals!

In less festive news, Nintendo breaks the Zelda timeline yet again, The Last Guardian is definitely / almost / sort of / not really cancelled, the PS Vita sells a bunch of software, the 3DS sells a bunch of hardware, and I’m not wearing any pants.

Destructoid Original:
The Second Annual Destructoid Christmas Album
Live show: Join the holiday fun with Christmas NiGHTS

Community blogs of 12/22
Forum thread of the day: First World Problems

25 Days: Win Final Fantasy VII, VIII and IX on PSN!

PS Vita software sales figures hit 300,000 over two days
Yes, you need to subscribe to SWTOR to play it for free
People unable to log in to SWTOR due to insane queues
Nintendo DLC: Mighty Switch Force!
Sega, CONGRATURATIONS on your Vita game typo
Full PlayStation Vita US launch details: 25 games listed
GameStop is calling to say The Last Guardian is canceled
Tetris manager: Angry Birds is just a fad
Space Marine, Limbo, and more are on sale at Steam
All Zombies Must Die! next week on PSN, XBLA
Activision and EA may be headed to a courtroom in May
OnLive brings console gaming to Xperia Play with update
Army Corgis of Hell
3DS to pass 4 million sold mark by year’s end
Capcom to open a bar in Tokyo next month

New Zelda art book from Nintendo reconciles timeline?
Mega64 made the perfect Skyrim movie
Sip some champagne to the Super Meat Boy piano album
A very TF2 Christmas with Rudolph the Red Team Pyro
Action! Pose! Donald! Kingdom Hearts II figures are nice
Christmas lights synched to Mother 3 credits music

Dungeon Defenders Mistymire Forest DLC hit PSN, XBLA
Guitars and gunfire fill this Spec Ops: The Line trailer
A LOT of ninjas are in Naruto Ultimate Storm Generations
Tekken 3D Prime Edition includes free movie on cartridge
Warriors Orochi 3 intro video revels in archetypes
Nathan Foults hates new Xbox dash, makes game about it

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