The Daily Hotness: That’s a Square Enix game name

New Square Enix game Bravely Default: Flying Fairy debuted recently and it looks totally neat, largely because of the art style. I was so impressed by the fact that the 3DS finally has a piece of software that I’m interested in that I almost missed another innocuously, inanely named Square Enix game! I don’t know that I’m building up a tolerance to Square’s naming conventions, though — I do love joking about them. This name just — surprisingly — makes more sense than most of their recent game names. Maybe because it doesn’t have numbers?

Jonathan Holmes reviewed two Bit.Trip games, awarding the Wii version a staggering 10/10, Nick Chester got his cowboy on with a review of The Gunstringer, Nintendo dropped a bunch of news in their pre-TGS conference — Nubageddon is still a thing — and a bunch of other things went down on 9/13. 

Destructoid Original:
Podtoid records today so do us question us do us it!!!
Art Juice: Iwata’s Nub Love
Webmaster Dojo: Run your own gaming site presentation
Live show: Shooting like mad in Renegade Ops
Live show: Backlog turns and faces the strange

Community blogs of 9/13
Forum thread of 9/13: One Shots! (comic collaboration)
Labor Day: Labor of Lovecraft

Review: Bit.Trip SAGA
Review: The Gunstringer
Review: Bit.Trip Complete

Tokyo Game Show:
Skyward Sword gets Super Guide, Boss Rush Mode
Nubageddon: Nintendo details new Slide Pad
November 3DS system update adds 3D video recording, more
Nintendo’s TGS 3DS press conference generates failure
False alarm: Nintendo stock DIDN’T drop after conference

3DS’ November update adds 3D video recording
New Mario Tennis announced for the 3DS
Serious Sam: Double D pirated, dev asks for donations
Rockstar confirms Red Dead Redemption GOTY Edition
Battlefield 3 will ship on two Xbox 360 discs
Zelda: Four Swords Anniversary Edition hits on Sept. 28
EB Games Expo final lineup announced
Major developers revel in tax breaks
Ludum Dare 21 urges us to ‘escape’
GameFly used game sale: Killzone 3, New Vegas, and more
Free Jetpack Joyride update adds dragon and other goodies
Xbox Live making it to PC by way of Windows 8

Check out this insanely awesome steampunk fight stick
AMD breaks world record with 8.429 GHz chip

This Dungeon Defenders dev diary is oozing impressiveness
Culdcept coming to 3DS, taunts me
Animal Crossing is visiting the 3DS in 2012
Look at lots of luscious pics if you love Luigi
Kid Icarus delayed again, free 3D videos of Pit coming
Super Mario 3D Land uses gyro sensor for secrets
3DS gyro sensor will control first person in Mario Kart 7
Nintendo shines a light on Monster Hunter Tri 3G
Fire Emblem also coming to 3DS in 2012
World of Battleships site goes live, look at some ships!
Enjoy your Theatrhythm Final Fantasy screens or die!
Dynasty Warriors Vs. coming to 3DS in 2012
Sonic Generations 3DS screens bring mushrooms, casinos
Official Crysis 1 console trailer released to the wilds
Rufus confirmed in trailer for Street Fighter X Tekken
Paper Mario is still looking adorable on the 3DS
Report: Nintendo reveals system seller ‘Girls RPG’
Slime Mori Mori Dragon Quest 3 screenshots ooze charm
Resident Evil Revelations now with hot nub action
Valve Store gets some sweet new Portal 2 swag
Put some Ace Combat 3D Cross Rumble screens in your mouth
Square Enix’s Bravely Default for 3DS looks lovely
Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D gets some screenshots
Unboxing Seiken Densetsu’s 20-disc soundtrack book
R-Type shoots its way to Android
Repaint your Captain Titus with this Space Marine mod
Free-to-play naval fantasy MMO Kultan enters open beta
New Renegade/River City Ransom game gets a teaser trailer
The sights and sounds of Trine 2
Monster Hunter 4 teaser trailer is for the skeptics
Street Fighter X Tekken’s new fighters get violet violent
Tekken 3D: Prime Edition has some new screenshots

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