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Check out this insanely awesome steampunk fight stick

2011-09-13 02:00:00  ยท  Liam Fisher

I've been in the market for a cheap fight stick for a while now, but this custom one from Shoryuken forum-goer b15SDM has convinced me that opulence may be more important. After all, why get a basic no-thrills stick when you can get the steampunk model

Sporting a Sanwa JLF stick, Seimitsu PS-14-KN buttons, and support for PS3, 360, and PC, this stick looks pretty gorgeous. The acrylic case is stuffed with clock parts and copper piping and the whole thing is pieced together with an abundance of brass fittings that really make me jealous of this piece's owner. If you care to see it in action, the stick can be found here at about 48 minutes in. 

Steampunk FightStick by B15SDM Designs [Shoryuken]

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