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Ten Minute Taste is a new feature on Destructoid where we show you the first ten minutes of a new game, loading screens and all. You see exactly what you would see yourself when popping in the game. 

We brought you more Gaijin Games stuff, we got more pictures of Perfect Dark XBLA, Bruce Willis starring in the Kane & Lynch movie, a ReBoot movie teaser is out, the NFS series reaches 100 million sold and more awesome happened on 10/21/09.

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Nothing is sacred: Death of the story
Community blogs of 10/21/09
Forum of the day: Fatal Destructoid Thread (KOF tournament) 

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Chair drops hints, talks life after Shadow Complex
God of Pokemon DLC coming next month to Toys R Us
KORG DS-10 Plus hitting US shores early next year
Infinity Ward details matchmaking for Modern Warfare 2
Heavy Rain to feature cultural censorship
Q explains why Lumines hasn’t come to PSN yet
Telltale ‘working’ on putting games on other platforms
Borderlands not sent out to die, selling quite well
At least one version of GT5 may ship with three discs
Set phasers to mock: Sony patents new controller
Nintendo error code leaks DSi Speak Channel news
Amazon matches Walmart on Modern Warfare 2 deal
Bruce Willis to star in Kane & Lynch movie
Champions Online now cheaper
Xbox’s unofficial memory unit lockout dissapoints people
PopCap trademarks ‘YetiTrain,’ we dig the possibilities
Gearbox Software confirms Borderlands shortages
Heavy metal band writing song for God of War III
Aliens vs. Predator PC supporting DirectX11
Borderlands PSN issue identified and fixed
Maxim’s ‘girls of Dragon Age’ gallery is faptastic
Beautiful Critter Crunch concepts, courtesy of Capybara
Ghosts ‘N Goblins: Gold Knights confirmed for iPhone
Grassroots effort to localize President Cat Rena begins
Wu-Tang’s RZA is a total nerd, a former videogame addict
Play Killing Floor for free this weekend
Molyneux says Fable III to feature an in-game store

The Legend of Neil season two comes to a close
Sony flings a PS3 at an LCD TV, films it for giggles


Fairytale Fights trailer features some porn stars
Oh happy day! ReBoot movie teaser brings joy
Rocket Knight screenshots are all up in your business
This is what Perfect Dark XBLA looks like
Golgoth remaking gorgeous arcade monkey-shmup Toki
New Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep pics, also Sakaguchi
Germany getting Muscle March, may be hope for us
NFS series reaches 100 million sold and other crazy facts
Confirmed: The Saboteur can destroy planes, smack Nazis
New No More Heroes 2 vid: Sir Henry and the Bat-a-rangs

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