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Yeah, I know we already “reviewed” it, but man…I’m having a blast playing Retro City Rampage now that it’s on XBLA.

Today, on Dtoid — well, actually, not a lot happened. Guess folks are still recovering from their hangover yesterday. Still, we had a bunch of news items happen, such as another android-based console doing the Kickstarter thing, Metacritic releasing their top rated games of 2012 list, a fan-made trailer for AMC’s The Walking Dead hitting the net, and the aforementioned release of Retro City Rampage on Xbox Live Arcade…for only 800 Moon bucks, you guys!

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Destructoid Live! panel at MAGFest this weekend

Miyamoto going back to basics for Pikmin 3
‘Time and Eternity’ trademark sounds like Toki no Towa
The War Z producer apologizes for ‘arrogant’ behavior
Mutant Mudds Deluxe content will stay on the Wii U
Metacritic’s top rated games of 2012
Warner Bros. announces three LEGO Legends of Chima games
Retro City Rampage out now on Xbox Live Arcade
Elite: Dangerous on track to be funded this week
PSA: Doritos Crash Course DLC is out today
Another Android-based console surfaces on Kickstarter
Erotic game Seduce Me out now for PC and Mac

Learn music history through awesome pixel GIFs
Spend Christmas with Sonic in this sweet short film
Last year’s chiptune album Preschtale gets remixed, baby

Persona 3 film dated for 2013 in Japan
The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct trailer is … hmmmm
This EDF 2025 trailer has more of the good stuff

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