The Daily Hotness: Taco-Dogception

His name is Taco-Dogception. He is called this because I imagine him being stuck in limbo and his body is fed tacos to be kept alive. Thus, Taco-Dogception is born. He is my new favorite thing and I felt obligated to share this beautiful creature with you all. You’re welcome.

Jim takes a stance on the eSports controversy, Nintendo is feeling the pressure to develop for the mobile platform, Google+ will be getting games and more exciting things happened on 8/11/11.

Destructoid Original:
eSports defenders: The reason why eSports can’t be sports
The Memory Card .100: Where it all began …
Live show: Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet with creators
Live Show: Backlog begins 3D Dot Game Heroes

eSports: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Swarm

The 3DS contest returns! Buy & Sell your used games

Review: Kickin Momma

Heavy Rain goes light on violence and nudity for France
OnLive launching in the UK on September 22
Nintendo of America watching Xenoblade ‘very closely’
Game/movie rental service redbox partners with foursquare
No melee in Fable: The Journey (because it’s on rails)
Mortal Kombat web series coming to Blu-ray this fall
Trion’s End of Nations will be Free-to-Play
Nintendo downloads: Avenging Spirit
Dance Central DLC: James Brown, Lloyd and Sean Paul
Driver: San Francisco PC delayed, Mac still in the works
PSA: Deadline for 3DS Ambassador freebies ends tonight!
Madden/Need for Speed PSP bundle announced
Capcom is reading Mega Man fan mail… no, really!
Wii LetterBomb hack uses the Wii Message Board
Aliens: Colonial Marines to be ‘very accessible’
Investors want Nintendo to make iPhone games
GameFly to launch an unlimited PC play download service
Square Enix preparing NieR Tribute Album -echo- for Japan
Google+ gets games, player
Trade in your DS this weekend and get a 3DS for $99
FortressCraft brings in $1 million in sales
TrackMania 2 Canyon multiplayer beta available next week
Half of Germany’s adult population plays videogames
Catch Borderlands 2 streamed live during gamescom
All Australian Attorneys General now support R18+
MotorStorm Apocalypse update throws in a mode editor

If only there were an 8-bit Nyan Cat game by Konami

Oinkie joins the cast of Anarchy Reigns
QuakeCon 2011: First-Person and Community Manager panels
Machine Gun Jetpack, now with spiffy vehicles
The Light of the Darkness looks promising
Talking Portal 2 Wheatley puppet built by awesome fan
Rage behind the scenes: The sound and art
EA Sports volleys Grand Slam Tennis 2 to PS3, 360 in 2012
Divinity creators’ new game is Dragon Commander
Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine is a ‘movie you can play’
Dynasty Warriors 7: Xtreme Legends trailer
More outrageously beautiful Battlefield 3 screenshots
Getting some air in Saints Row: The Third
Mooglefest! Final Fantasy XIII-2 screenshots, kupo
To the moon in Call of Duty: Black Ops Rezurrection
Zumba Fitness 2 screens contain bizarre looking hand
The Secret World is filled with globetrotting MMO action

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