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Two weeks ago I shared a really cool Japanese Mercedes commercial and made mention to a similar anime collaboration. Here is that Louis Vuitton collaboration, based off of the “superflat” art-style of Takashi Murakami. If you see similarities to the wonderful Summer Wars (or even Digimon: The Movie), it’s because the commercial was done by the director of those films, Mamoru Hosoda. There’s even a (higher video quality!) sequel of sorts featuring the little girl grown up here. I think it’s even cooler.

Today, we’ve released a slew of categorized best of 2012 nominees (go have a listen to every soundtrack we nominated, particularly Gravity Rush, Journey, and Kid Icarus, because they’re all amazing), The DTOID Show recapped VGA news, Chris Carter reviewed the 10 Year Anniversary mobile release of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, and more!

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