The Daily Hotness: Super Expensive Modern Warfare 3

Someone paid $1,725 for Modern Warfare 3… That statement is its own punchline.

Modern Warfare 3 tugs at your heartstrings one more time, Nintendo patents a funky Wii add-on, developers fuel the console war, some of you did a fantastic job dressing up like wanna-be Batmen and Jokers, we preview Need for Speed: The Run, and more happened on 11/4/2011

Destructoid Original: 
Calling on the Dtoid Army: Operation Supply Drop
Battlefield 3 officially beats Call of Duty … 
Friday Night Fights: Awards Season
Copyright infringement is alright with Angry Birds
Three PC builds under $1000 to make Skyrim look its best
This weekend on TwitchTV: Also Binding of Isaac
F*** It, The DTOID Show Will Do it Live
Devs say PS3 has the performance advantage over Xbox 360
The DTOID Show: It’s Naked Pizza Dance-Off Time!
Weekend PC download deals – Enlight, Sanctum, Tropico

Community blogs of 11/4/2011
Forum thread of the day: Live action Akira

Winners of the Gotham City Impostors contest! 
Contest: Win Modern Warfare 3 & MW3 Gunnars this week

Review: Dungeon Siege III: Treasures of the Sun

Preview: UFC Undisputed 3
Five hours with Need for Speed: The Run

Early Modern Warfare 3 play could ban you from Xbox Live
SEGA wants a ‘new’ Sonic for 2012
PlayStation game downloads to be limited to two consoles
Rock Band 3: A bunch of Country music
Modern Warfare 3 sold for $1,725 on eBay
Pre-download Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 on Amazon
MAGFest X: Nobuo Uematsu’s Earthbound Papas are coming
WTF?! Nintendo’s patent for a Wii Remote touchpad 
Best shoelaces ever at Club Nintendo
Nintendo is coming to your mall this holiday
The LEGO Universe ends January 31st
GameStop’s ‘Midnight Warfare’ Events in NYC & LA
Epic Games justifies Gears of War 3’s on-disc DLC

A good Sonic game, you guys! Oh my God!
Mr. Destructoid blowin’ minds across the tri-state area

Modern Warfare 3 has own ‘No Russian’ with little girl
Prototype 2 comes to iOS with Protoslice
It’s time for new Aliens: Colonial Marines screens!
Want to find all the treasures in Uncharted 3? Use this
Battle of the Elements brings eye patch wearing tigers
A woman cries in this BioShock Infinite voice actor video
Autumn Games speak on the mechanics of Skullgirls
Michael Bay’s full Need for Speed: The Run TV advert
Hitman: Absolution devs add commentary to old trailer
Battlefield 3’s showing off Back to Karkand
Get hype: Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2012 out next week

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