The Daily Hotness: Super barf attack!

Our Critter Crunch contest got more awesomer thanks to the custom artwork that the team made above. One lucky winner will be getting a print of the crazy image you see. Now go barf!

Chad is afraid of Phanto, we reviewed JU-ON: The Grudge, I brought you a preview of Dementium II, the Modern Warfare 2 video from yesterday is indeed in the game, G4 has a ton of Left 4 Dead 2 content up and plenty more happened on 10/28/09. 

Destructoid Originals:
Podtoid 122: One two two
Phanto: The scariest videogame character of all time


Nothing is sacred: Come with me if you want to live
Community blogs of 10/28/09
Forum of the day: Anthony Burch is a jerk (it’s funny, calm down)

Kenka Bancho: Badass Rumble
JU-ON: The Grudge

Going to Hell and back in Dementium II

Barf to win Critter Crunch codes, shirts & art!

Ballad of Gay Tony adds ten Xbox Achievements
First EA Sports MMA screen looks realistic, smelly
Aussie Steam version of Borderlands replaced
Miyamoto wishes you’d like Star Fox as much as he does
You know you want it: CSI: Deadly Intent demo now on XBLM
No dedicated servers in Aliens vs. Predator, it seems
Importing FTW: Bayonetta PS3 is region-free, in English
Kojima issues followup post on Zone of the Enders 3
MIstwalker artist may have accidentally revealed new game
Fourth Tales of Monkey Island episode hits this Friday
Left 4 Dead 2 supporting Avatar rewards (Update)
Daily Mail implicates videogames in schizophrenic attack
PlayStation 2 turns nine today, we’re feeling old
Brink dev: PC games can’t justify ‘AAA’ budgets
God of War III demo shipping on District 9 Blu-ray
Gearbox XBLA project not an official Gearbox thing
Obsidian thinks sex for sex’s sake is ridiculous
This Xbox 360 System Update isn’t THE System Update
Controversial Modern Warfare 2 footage confirmed
Darksiders 2 being discussed, may have multiplayer
Sorry Canada, no Half-Minute Hero for you
‘Undead yourself’ in PlayStation Home for fame and profit
Rock Band: AC/DC pack to hit non-Walmart shelves soon
Official statement issued on Modern Warfare 2 video leak
A ‘very big surprise’ is coming to Champions in 2010
Rez on the PSP? Q Entertainment brought it up!
Warhammer 40k: Space Marine on PC? Don’t rule it out
Final Fantasy XIII to get a reveal presentation?
Go, go, go: Left 4 Dead 2 PC demo hits


Scat porn maker loves Bayonetta and her ‘erotic’ hair
Man causes hospital blackout, blames Silent Hill
Best PR photo ever, also DSi zoom lens case
Watch an Alien and a Predator play Rock Band together

Torchlight available now, here’s a launch trailer
Braiiiiiiins: Zombie Tycoon hits PSN on October 29
Frogger is totally returning to PSN, WiiWare this fall
Here, have a buttload of Darius Burst PSP screens
Even more Bayonetta costumes (FAPTASTIC!)
Epic Mickey ‘announced’ with Disneyriffic screens
BioShock 2 ‘Capture the Sister’ mode unveiled
G4 goes apesh*t with its Left 4 Dead 2 coverage
See for yourself: Bon Jovi in Final Fantasy commercials
Band Hero DS impresses girls and big hair
One last trailer for GTA: The Ballad of Gay Tony

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