The Daily Hotness: Storm of bullets

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The more I see it, the more I’m looking forward to Bulletstorm.

Grasshopper is coming to visit, Venom reviewed EA Sports MMA, Zero joins Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, the Black Ops Nuketown secret is stupid, Shank is on sale on Xbox Live and more happened on 11/15/10.

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Review: EA Sports MMA

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Zombies!!! finally coming to XBLA next year
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Nintendo told Conduit 2 devs not to use Wii Speak
Amazon deals on PC games today
Castlevania PS3 bundle coming to Japan
Shank now on sale for Xbox Live Gold members
Nintendo DLC: Fast cars, gambling and puppies
Zero and She-Hulk crash the Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 party
A look at the Mercenaries 3 you’ll never play
Amazon: Buy one game, get 40% off another
Another Assassin’s Creed coming in 2011
Motion-controlled Remedy game suggested by job listing
Free App of the Day: Super Laser: The Alien Fighter
Prince of Persia HD collection coming to US PSN
Pac-Man Championship Edition DX out this week
First screenshots of Trials HD’s ‘Big Thrills’ add-on
Kinect: 1 million served in first ten days
This is the last week to get Super Meat Boy on sale
Blizzard ‘exploring’ Diablo for consoles

Persona 2 PSP’s upgrades go way beyond a port
Kinect used for 3D video capture
The Black Ops Nuketown secret is devilish
Marvel Pinball revealed for XBLA, PSN
Sagat comes to Street Fighter 4 iPhone
Fight Night Champion looks brutal, dramatic
Bulletstorm vid asks you to pull up skirt, strap dildo on
There’s a Bleach PS3 game coming, here are pictures of it

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