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Holy crap! The concept art for Epic Mickey looks amazing! I never thought a creepy take on Disney characters would work but it looks fantastic! What do you all think of the concept art?

Anthony loved Rambo Arcade, Jim looked at the stupidest videogame currencies, Brad revisited Mass Effect’s DLC, pixelpunx wrote up a great Monthly Musing, there’s a Bachelor game in the works and plenty more happened on 07/29/09.

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I, The Author: Adam and Eve Have Developed the Tools Necessary to Tear Down the House of God
Community blogs of 07/29/09
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inFAMOUS movie is happening, Sheldon Turner is writing it
Overlord II ‘Battle Rock Nemesis’ DLC out today
Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce coming to Xbox 360 and PS3
NPR talks about the Six Days In Fallujah controversy
Therapists join World of Warcraft in the name of science
Scott Pilgrim vs. The World game announced
Facebook and Twitter arriving on Xbox 360 ‘before Christmas’
Rumortoid: White Knight Chronicles sequel on the way?
Ubisoft: Seriously, Splinter Cell Conviction won’t suck
Forget Leisure Suit Larry, judge Team 17 by Worms
Foundation 9 announces studio merges, cuts staff
Gamers claim Modern Warfare 4 site, blackmail Infinity Ward
Myst book becoming a movie? Looks like it
Marvel vs. Capcom 2 hits Xbox LIVE Arcade
Wait, what? GayGamer a runner up in EA’s #Lust contest
IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey demo up now on Xbox LIVE
Lips: Number One Hits will feature Lady Gaga and more
Atlus now includes soundtrack with Demon’s Souls pre-orders
Halo Wars leaderboard reset following technical glitch
Ready for some 1920’s girls playing baseball in Japan?
Buy XBLA’s full ‘Summer of Arcade’ line-up, get $10 back
Warner Bros. hands a rose to The Bachelor videogame
Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles box art revealed
Dungeon Fighter Online goes into Closed Beta
Give it up: Yakuza 3 is never coming to the US, says Sega
Immortal: New Japan PSP bundle to include Final Fantasy VII
F.E.A.R. 2 campaign DLC, ‘F.E.A.R. 2: Reborn,’ revealed
There’s a huge update coming to Dawn of War II tomorrow
Sonic’s quality will be ‘fixed with time’
Punch-Out!! developer talks sequel, create-a-boss mode
Stats won’t transfer to Mass Effect 2 in obvious way
Trine to miss its original PSN release date
Organization demands more female nudity in videogames
SOCOM remains popular on PSN, beating Killzone 2

PopCap parodies obnoxious Evony ads with one of their own


DJ Hero Renegade Edition means business
Spector’s new ‘Epic Mickey’ game for Wii? There is art!
New Aliens vs. Predator trailer welcomes you to the Corps
Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time gameplay and more
Garbage’s Shirley Manson joins the cast of Guitar Hero 5
DJ Hero box art says Guitar Hero on it
Final Fantasy IV costumes pop up in Crystal Chronicles

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