The Daily Hotness: Star Fox TV Show!

After the success of Star Fox 64, the Star Fox gang just wasn’t the same. The next entries in the series didn’t sell as well and the team went bankrupt. Star Fox had to sell his ship and resorted to being in a reality show with his shipmates. Now Slippy is a drunk and there’s constant in-fighting. It’s too bad this train wreck was canceled after only one episode.

Jim and the Destructoid Show reviewed Dead Island, a slew of info was released for Dragon Quest X, a trailer for Sonic CD was released and a ton of more things happened on 9/5/11.

Destructoid Original:
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Live show: Mash Tactics plays Space Marine early
The DTOID Show: Dead Island Review!
Live show: Backlog gets curiouser with more Alice

Community blogs of 9/5
Forum thread of the day: Dragon Quest X

Review: Dead Island
Review: Tropico 4

A first look at Carbine Studios’ WildStar

Mr. Destructoid at PAX
Oodles of cosplay from Dragon*Con 2011, day 3

Call of Duty XP:
The sights and sounds of Call of Duty: XP
A gallery of guns from Call of Duty: XP
My favorite moment from Call of Duty: XP

Dragon Quest X still for Wii, will go online
Shadows of the Damned soundtrack now available
Here’s the list of fixes in Dead Island’s day-one patch!
Persona 4 arcade debut at Anime Matsuri 2012
Xbox LIVE Rewards finally launches in Australia
Yakuza 5 development and PSP sequel announced

The Jimquisition: The Beautiful Irony of PC Gaming
Amazon’s Back-to-school sale: Lots of cheap games
Uwe Boll returns with another baffling videogame movie

Skillz: The DJ Game dated September 8 for iPad release
Loads and loads of Dragon Quest X info and footage
Sonic CD gets new trailer, celebrates port of crummy game
Ni No Kuni has breathtaking art direction, egg people
Cheetahmen commercial was a ‘failed expirement’
The LPO celebrates its ‘Video Game Heroes’ with a concert

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