The Daily Hotness: Solid Phantom

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Lots of stuff came out of GDC today, including some new revelations about the PS4, as well as the confirmation that we all already guessed: Metal Gear Solid V and The Phantom Pain are the same game. I, for one, am excited.

Allistair also explained how his mother doesn’t enjoy the new Bioshock, Sup Holmes chats with Andy Schatz, Steven previewed the Vita version of Muramasa, and more cool news and stuff appeared on the site. Boo-yah.

Destructoid Original:
BioShock Infinite and my mom don’t get along
Live show: Tokyo Jungle
GDC, Monaco, Oceans 11, and porn games with Andy Schatz

Community blogs of 3/27
Forum thread of the day: Metal Gear Megathread

Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z: A cyborg ninja zombie killer

Muramasa for Vita is amazing, plays great
Max: The Curse of Brotherhood is surprisingly violent

This real-time destruction tech demo is mesmerizing
Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain looks awesome
PS4 overview at GDC covers tech hardware specs
PS4 user experience is called Connected UX
PS4 controller and cameras fully detailed at GDC
PS4 Friends system, sharing and UI detailed at GDC
Metal Gear Solid V is an open world game for 360 & PS3
GDC: Voltron, T1000 major inspirations for Halo 4 enemies
Kojima Productions opens studio in Los Angeles
Here’s a closer look at the PS4 controller and camera
GDC: Nintendo brings Miiverse to PC, smartphones in April
GDC: Rune Factory development resisted by Marvelous, fans

God of War: Ascension patch nerfs hardest area of game
Battlefield 4 not coming to Wii U because it’s too risky
Heartrending, personal Papo & Yo headed to Steam
DuckTales Remastered may be ‘woo hoo-ing’ to PC
The PixelJunk series is half price right now
Hocus Focus: One of Thief’s newest systems is optional
Terraria is out today on the Xbox Live Arcade and PSN
Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon leak suggests 80s radness
Single-player games still alive says Dishonored dev

Crash Bandicoot was originally Willie the Wombat?!?!
A SimCity highway that will make you soil yourself

17 minutes of the new Battlefield 4 will blow you away
Wow! Check out these new Wii U system update load times
Ogle over these brand new Grand Theft Auto V screens
Indie Royale has Derrick the Deathfin, Waveform for cheap
Meta-RPG Knights of Pen & Paper comes to Mac and PC
David Hayter claims he wasn’t asked to do MGS V
Persona 3: The Movie gets trailer, comes to Japan in fall
New Shovel Knight boss revealed, live stream announced

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