The Daily Hotness: Solid Jenkins

For the seventh anniversary of “Leeroy Jenkins,” the Beat Down Boogie crew recreated the infamous video using the reliable pairing of Snake and Ghost. Yup. Just when you think a meme has died off, someone decides to exhume the remains.

Today, Jonathan Holmes is an adult, previews flood in for Ragnarok Odyssey, Orgarhythm, Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor, and Fractured Soul, and EA continues to be EA.

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Talking to Women about Videogames: Who needs to grow up?
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Community blogs of 5/11
Forum thread of the day: Lone Survivor

Preview: Ragnarok Odyssey
Preview: Quelling the forces of darkness with Orgarhythm
Preview: Kinect rules with Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor
Preview: Fractured Soul 3DS

Next Dota 2 tournament scheduled during PAX Prime

Quest for Glory again courtesy of
Zen Studios putting on Ms. Splosion Man table tournament
Ys Origin on your PC, coming to Steam next month
Get Warhawk in your Starhawk (if you are European)
Suit your Sim with the new Diesel stuff pack
Republique hits $500,000 Kickstarter goal
Rift levels up with an updated launcher
GameStop removes PSP games from 25% of stores
EA kills free Battlefield 3 servers, pushes paid ones
Korean eSports teams up with MLG for tourney partnership
Jetpack Joyride is now on Facebook
Join Rockstar’s Steam group, get Midnight Club 2 for free
Battlefield 3 having first double XP event this weekend
Robot Unicorn Attack: Evolution wants to be with you

Portal 2 Perpetual Initiative serves 1.3 million tests
End of Nations’ factions get a bit more shadowy
Jason Rohrer kickstarting Diamond Trust of London
Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance pre-order AR cards
Trailer teases ‘Harley Quinn’s Revenge’ for Arkham City
Heroes of Newerth celebrates anniversary with a new mode
The next Modern Warfare 3 DLC adds a new mode and tanks
Beat the crap out of everyone in Sleeping Dogs

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