The Daily Hotness: Snow weasel

So I was watching Frozen Planet, Alec Baldwin’s firm yet soothing narration easing me into a state of tranquility, when I saw this weasel. Weasels get a bum rap, their name bringing up all sorts of negative connotations. Now, I didn’t necessarily think ill of the little guys, but I certainly did not know they could be this cute! I mean, wow! It’s like a cross between a polar bear, a sea otter and a cat. Unfortunately, they are not pet-legal in California without a permit.

Today, the 200th episode extravaganza of Podtoid was recorded, the affable Brett Zeidler reviewed Mortal Kombat for the Vita, the mad hatter Daniel Starkey interviewed ECA President Hal Halpin, Dale North took a look at some game called Black Ops 2, we’ve begun a search for community member art to feature, and more!

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