The Daily Hotness: Skyrim Day

By the time you folks read this, I will be playing Skyrim. Above you can see me training a baby dragon to do my bidding. Yeah, I’m awesome. Now I just need to teach it some badass shouts.

Sterling the Hutt totally gave ESV a shiny 10. Bethesda done good.

Destructoid Original:
The DTOID Show reviews Skyrim at long last!
The DTOID Show: Let’s Slay A Dragon In Skyrim
It Came from Japan! PuLiRuLa
Interview: Hitbox Team on the art and design of Dustforce
The DTOID Show: Jak & Dax in HD, No DRM For Ezio
The DTOID Show: Let’s Get Drunk In Skyrim

Community Blogs for 11/10
Forum thread of the day: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Contest: Win these Saints Row themed ASTRO A40 headsets!

Review: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Review: Rayman Origins

Assassin’s Creed: Revelations PC won’t have Ubisoft DRM
COD Elite membership extended 30 days due to failures
A Steam database has been hacked, warns Valve
Trine 2 PC release, Collector’s Edition announcements
Limbo clears a million sales, coming to Mac this year
EverQuest II going free-to-play in December, expansion
IndieRoyale serves up “Difficult 2nd Bundle”
THQ details the Saints Row Season Pass
Black Friday: Newer releases on sale for $28 at Walmart
Rayman Origins sales could affect Beyond Good & Evil 2
DC Universe Online free-to-play brings 1 million players

Tak Fujii looking for EXTREEEME advice
We don’t need Freddie Wong to kill a bunch of creepers
VikingGuitar makes the Cave Story soundtrack metal
Pumped for Skyrim yet?
Still not pumped for Skyrim?

Xbox Live Indie Games: meet an unforgettable purple goat
Dragon’s Dogma screens are full of unattractive people
America’s Final Fantasy XIII-2 special edition is opulent
FACT: Abobo’s Big Adventure will be Game of the Forever
Dynasty Warriors: Xtreme Legends gets final screens/video
Saints Row’s Genki pulls a zombicidal motorcycle stunt
Raccoons are rising in this new iOS game
New Alan Wake teaser trailer is a tease
Hex, Dino-Rang and Wrecking Ball available for Skylanders

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