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In aggravating news, United States Vice-President Joe Biden recently stated in regards to a “sin tax” on violent media (proposed by Reverend Franklin Graham, son of Billy Graham) that there isno restriction on the ability to do that; there’s no legal reason why they couldn’t.” As GamePolitics points out, there are indeed reasons (and precedent, even!), but let’s not let mere trifles like those keep us from throwing the first amendment out the window so people can buy guns without background checks. Instead of a sin tax that “could be used to help victims of violent crimes involving guns,” maybe less guns and rooting out other causes of gun violence would be better starting points.

Today, Capcom announced its new, sexy Resident Evil Revelations costumes would be unlockable and not DLC, harkening back to a day when we weren’t getting nickel and dimed for neat things, Patrick Hancock reviewed Reef Shot (it’s not Afrika, I bet) and offered some choice DOTA 2 fiscal advice, Namco announced a new Pac-Man game because it’s a hip and with it company, Chris Carter reviewed Metal Gear Rising DLC, and more! 

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